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Will You Cry If I Die? | Random Thought

I’ll admit it, I am a big cry baby, I used to cry at the drop of a hat, but then again I’ve had a lot to cry about over the years.  My husband, not so much. I can count on 1 hand just how many times I’ve seen him cry and I think the number may be close to if not zero, he said it has been more, but I’m talking about “boo hoo” crying.

Our oldest son is just like him, he would drop a few tears every now and then if he got into trouble as a young kid.  Now, my youngest son, had he been a girl, I would have dubbed him a “Drama Queen”.  Like me, he can cry in a New York minute, mostly to get out of trouble, but I’ve seen him cry at funerals so some of those tears have been genuine.

I want to ask my husband and oldest son, “will you cry if I die?”

Will You Cry If I Die?

 I guess I should go ask them…hold on…I’ll be right back…

Please Stand By

…Okay, I’m back and they both said, “yes” but not until after they looked at me as if I had two heads! I told you, it was just a random thought!



Super Foods for Seniors | Cancer Fighters

Hello Friends and Happy Monday

I trust you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter/Resurrection Sunday. This week’s chapter of Super Foods is near and dear to my heart, especially since hubby just had surgery to remove the cancer from his small intestines.

Super Foods Cancer Fighters

Many believe as I do that we all have cancerous cells but it’s not known what triggers them in some and not in others.  It is also believed that there are foods that contain natural compounds that defend your body against cancer.  These are just a few of them:

  • Blueberries – the antioxidants in these berries are tough on cancer and it’s development

  • Mushrooms – contains ergothioneine which is a cell-protecting antioxidant

  • Broccoli Sprouts – these baby bloomers are more potent than the adult version, broccoli sprouts contain sulforaphane, a cancer fighter

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts

  • Cereal – cereal fortified with Vitamin D can cut risk of colon, breast and ovarian cancer

  • Pomegranate Juice – the extract helps to prevent prostate cancer

  • Garlicallicin and sulfur compounds can rev up your immune system

  • Tomatoes – rich in lycopene which contain anti-cancer powers, which is also found in watermelon, pink and red grapefruit, sweet red pepper, cooked asparagus and red cabbage

tomatoes and garlic

  • Brazil Nuts -helps your body resist cancers of the esophagus, lung, stomach, colon and rectum.  They contain selenium, which is an anti-cancer nutrient

  • Walnuts – a few walnuts a day may help prevent prostate cancer

  • Cantaloupe – beta carotene and other carotenoids helps to lower the risk of head, neck, mouth, uterus, prostate and blood cancers.

  • Lima Beansinositol pentakisphoshate may inhibit growth of cancer and may even make anti-cancer drugs more effective

  • Cabbage – eating cabbage at least once per week provides extra lung cancer protection, it can also help to prevent colon, brain, breast, stomach, and bladder cancers.

  • Sweet Peppers – antioxidant powers of vitamin C can save you from cancers of the stomach, throat, lung, bladder and pancreas.  Other foods rich is Vitamin C are strawberries, broccoli, cantaloupe and brussels sprouts.

Sweet Peppers

  • Broccoliindole-3-carbinol is a natural cancer foe found in broccoli

  • Tumeric – curcumin is an antioxidant that helps to prevent eight types of cancers – lung, blood, breast, stomach, colon, mouth, skin and liver

  • Olive Oil – monounsaturated fatty acid found in olive oil targets the main gene that promotes breast cancer

  • Turnip Greens – lowers the risk of colon cancer

  • Barley – cuts risk by 40% if you raise your daily fiber intake to 35 grams

  • Black Beans – eating beans 3 times per week may lower your risk of colon cancer especially for red meat lovers

  • Sauerkraut – eating three servings a week lowers your chance for breast cancer, make sure to rinse and drain before eating to cut down on the sodium

Turnip Greens and Beans

  • Black Raspberries – the ellagic acid may prevent 4 kinds of cancer, lung, liver, skin and esophagus

  • Strawberries – a good source of pectin, a cancer foe

  • Cranberriesproanthocyanidins in these berries fights leukemia, colon cancer and lung cancer cells

  • Peanuts – resveratrol in nuts is a cancer fighting antioxidant

  • Green Tea – drinking green tea regularly could cut your risk of esophageal cancer by up to 50%

  • Apricots – beta carotene in this fruit could cut your odds of some stomach and intestinal cancers


  • Asparagus – antioxidant glutathione may help defend against disease and cell damage which is an effective cancer fighter

  • Beets – just a half of cup of beets in a salad gives you almost a fifth of the daily folate that your body needs which is needed especially if you smoke

Cancer is a disease of abnormal, out-of-control cell growth.  If not held in check, cancer can spread through the body, destroying other organs and tissues.  Breast cancer is most common in women, and for men it’s prostate cancer.  

However, as written in my previous post “Cancer Don’t Care” it can effect anyone despite the foods you eat or don’t eat, whether you smoke or not, sunbathe or not, please be vigilant in getting your physical exams and check early and often if cancer is prevalent in your family.

Today I’m hanging out with Tough Cookie Mommy for Monday Mingle, so come on over.

Stay Blessed – No Stress in 2014!


Homelite Pressure Washer | Unsolicited Product Review

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday!

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous, and I as well as most of the neighbors were outside working on our lawns and gardens. I also had to head over to Home Depot to replace a Pressure Washer which had been broken for years, and get new seat cushions for the patio furniture.  

Hubby isn’t fully recovered yet so I had to make the purchase as well as put it together myself.  Knowing that there are other woman who may need to do the same, I decided to do an unsolicited review on the process.

Homelite Pressure Washer Review

I purchased the Homelite Gas Pressure Washer for $299.00 and a bottle of Zep Pressure Washing Concentrate

Years of dirt and grime

This is what the concrete on the front stoop looked like due to years of neglect…a major build up of dirt and grime..not very welcoming!

Almost fully assembled

I loved the fact that the pressure washer was packaged almost fully assembled.

Remaining pieces

The remaining items in the box were the hose, wand, handle, bottle of oil, nozzles, warranty information and directions.

Nozzle instructions printed on the back

There’s also an instruction sheet adhered to the back of the pressure washer for easy reference.

Attaching water hose

It was easy to attach the handle and hose

Attach garden hose

as well as to attach the household garden hose.

Add oil  It comes with a bottle of oil and a paper funnel, which I didn’t see until after I used this Dollar store plastic funnel which we keep in the garage.

oil tank is clearly marked Location of oil tank is clearly marked.

Homelite Pressure Washer Review

After all hoses are attached, fill tank with gasoline, 

Add Zep All in One Concentrate add Zep All in One Soap Concentrate.

Turn switch to "On", slide to "Chock" and Pull Turn switch to “on”, slide to “choke” and pull the starter cord, then push switch from “choke” to “run”. It was an easy starter pull unlike the older models.

The nozzles are color coded and the reference sheet is attached to pressure washer

The nozzles are color coded and there’s a reference card attached to the handle of pressure washer.

Choose correct nozzle for the job

Always choose the correct nozzle for the job, check reference card for determination.

Once I got the hang of it, I started cleaning the brick wall

Once I got the hang of it, I used it to clean the brick wall as well.

Only complaint - cheap plastic cover ripped - not sure how because I didn't drag the pressure washer

My only complaint was the cheap plastic covering the hose, it ripped.  I am not sure how because I don’t remember dragging it across the concrete.

I give it a B grade


I could have done a better job, but started getting tired however, it does look much better.  Next weekend I’ll do the vinyl siding and patio furniture, then on to the pool area.  

What are your major outdoor chores for the summer?


Weekend Wind-Down Party | Bloggers Networking


Hello Friends and Happy Good Fri-Yay!

I trust you all had a wonderful week despite the fact that Tuesday was Tax Day.  Unfortunately, we owe money to Uncle Sam so at 7:00 p.m. I was in line at the Post Office mailing in a payment.  Oh well, it could be worse so I am not going to complain too loudly about it.  

Saturday I went to Home Depot and purchased patio cushions for the deck furniture and a new Pressure Washer, something we desperately needed, stay tuned for an unsolicited product review.  Oh and I finally received my “Blogger” license plate – I am super excited and proud to advertise my blog daily across two states.

Blogger Tags


This weekend the weather won’t be as nice, but we will be outside cleaning out the garage and shoveling mulch…thank goodness it’s not snow!  

Now on to this week’s Featured Bloggers

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Congratulations to you all, please feel free to copy and paste this button onto your blog.  Check out our Pinterest Page as you are also featured there.


Since this is Good Friday I know most of you are off from work and doing other things, but please take a few minutes to visit a few other blogs as well as those of your hosts.

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Have a blessed weekend!

No Bake Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

By now, most of you know that I am a self-proclaimed “Crock Pot Queen” and very seldom do I do any baking.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and most of my cakes have been flops.  However, this week I decided to try a no-bake Cheesecake and I must admit that it was easy breezy good!  


  • 1 package of mini Ready Crust Graham Cracker Crusts
  • 1 – 8 oz package of cream cheese – softened
  • 1 – 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 1 can cherry pie filling


Ingredients for no bake cheese cake

I had hubby take the cream cheese out of the refrigerator several hours before I got home to ensure it was room temperature soft. Put the cream cheese in a bowl along with the sweetened condensed milk and beat with a hand mixer until fluffy.

Beat softened cream cheese with condensed milk

Stir in 1/3 cup of lemon juice

Add 1/3 cup of lemon juice


Spoon Cream Cheese mixture into Graham Cracker Crusts

Spoon mixture into crust and top with cherry filling

Chill at least 3 hours and enjoy

Chill at least 3 hours in the refrigerator, then enjoy!  Didn’t I tell you it was easy breezy!


What is your favorite no-bake dessert, and no, Oreo cookies don’t count!

Thankful Thursday | Emotional Week

Hello Friends and Happy Thankful Thursday!

Last week was an emotional roller coaster filled with both highs and lows. Monday, I taught a Blogging 201 class:Monetizing Your Blog, and it was a full house despite the torrential downpour of rain.

At the Bear Library

Everyone was enthusiastic, asked questions and participated in lively discussions, it was one of the best classes to date.  Thank you again Money School of Delaware for giving me this opportunity not only to share knowledge but to sharpen my skills and expand my base.


Teaching again is helping to lay the foundation for my 5-year plan leading up to retirement/encore entrepreneurship.

April 2014 004

 My outfit of the day was a black pencil skirt with floral embroidery thrifted from Goodwill, a sleeveless mock neck tank also thrifted from and faux snakeskin pumps via Target.

Teaching Blogging 201 at Bear Library

On Thursday, I wore another black pencil skirt but this one was from JCPenney and the striped top is from Old Navy.

Basic Black shirt doing double duty

I broke up the classic black and white combination with a pop of red in the Caliente pumps from The Shoe Dept and a red plastic bracelet from Rugged Wearhouse.


Scarf from Avon

The polka dot scarf was a recent purchase from Avon.  By the way, if you are looking to update your fragrances or cosmetics Avon has some great deals going on, some even includes FREE shipping, click here for more information.

Top from Old Navy

Thursday was also my sister’s birthday, had she lived, she would have been 51 – Not A Day Goes By….

I miss my sis Gloria

Although, I am thankful that I had her 29 years, I still feel that she is gone too soon – Rest in Peace Lil Sis!

Your turn, what are you thankful for this week?


You Choose the Shoes | OOTD

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

I love the Spring and Summer seasons, not only because of the warmer weather but because of the shoes!  Sandals and open-toes are my favorites, but wedges, platforms, kitten heels, high heels, pumps, flats, it doesn’t matter, I wear them all.  

I know that I’m not alone when I say, “I LOVE Shoes“.  I’ve been known to purchase 3 different pairs all at the same time…all on the same day… AND all at the same store ~ I LOVE Shoes! Unfortunately, having only one pair of feet can cause a dilemma, the decision on which pair to wear for a particular outfit can be frustrating.  

This new blog feature, “You Choose the Shoes” is helping me by giving you an opportunity to choose the pair of shoes that I’ll wear with a particular outfit of the day.  

Okay, for this outfit which pair should I wear?

The Polka Dot sleeveless tank was thrifted from Goodwill and red Capri pants were on clearance at JC Penney?



Madden Girl Polka Dots from @DSW


Glo Jeans wedges from @Kmart

Choose the Shoe

My hubby and son chose The Madden Girl

Wedges or Heels

I had to do one of those 3-toe polishes this morning, but I will be making an appointment for my annual Spring pedicure!

Choose the Shoe

So which one did you choose?

Choose the Shoe

Choose the Shoes

I’ll be linking up with my favorite fashionistas Whitney Nic James and Shana at  ColorBlind, so when you get a chance hop over and check out their thrifted finds.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Retire or Regroup | Encore Entrepreneur

Hello Friends and Happy Tax Day Tuesday!

If you’re anything like me no matter what year in your career you’re in, the countdown to retirement has begun. I never told hubby, but when he signed his retirement papers on the 28th of February I was extremely jealous! It’s not that I’m ready to sit home and do nothing or pack my bags and start traveling, I am just looking forward to the day when I have the option to work or NOT!

At this point in my life I am too young and active to retire or at least retire without a plan, which is why this blog is part of a bigger 5-year plan.  I’ve thought about starting a small business, but it would have to one of little to no stress and definitely little to NO commuting involved!

Ideally, I would love to sit on the dock of a bay with a laptop or tablet writing and creating.  Perhaps I’ll have a little shack where tourist can purchase fishing bait and tackle!

There was an article published in USA Today that caught my attention, it stated that “more older entrepreneurs are starting businesses after they’ve worked and retired from other careers”.  They have been labeled “encore entrepreneurs”.  An encore entrepreneur is someone over the age of 50 who starts a small business or begins a new career.  Some of these small businesses are non-profits that provide a social need such as job training for the unemployed.  Others turn their hobby or passion into an income stream which is part of my 5-year plan.  

encore entrepreneur Of course as with any new start-up there are obstacles and challenges, but with age comes wisdom and knowledge both of which are a plus for the encore entrepreneur.  Job layoffs, supplementing or replacing income are just a few reasons for starting a business after the age of 50.  

However, with people living longer becoming an encore entrepreneur gives us an opportunity to stay active and do something that perhaps we’ve always wanted to do.  

What about you, are you ready to retire or regroup and become an encore entrepreneur?


Super Foods for Seniors | Sugar Control

Hello Friends and Happy Monday

I trust you all had an enjoyable weekend and was able to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  

This week’s Super Foods are to help your body regulate blood sugar and to make the most of insulin. Back in the day, older folks would say they had “the sugar”, but they didn’t take “sugar diabetes” as serious as they should have which led to strokes, amputation of limbs and even death.

Sugar Control

We now understand that in order to prevent “the sugar” we have to take better care of our bodies and chose the right foods. Diabetes Tools

  • Bulgar – these whole grains can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes by 20-30%
  • Broccoli – loaded with magnesium which is a mineral crucial to preventing and controlling diabetes
  • Vinegar – the acidic juice slows down the digestion of food while evening out blood sugar spikes.  Drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water before eating.
  • Coffee – a morning cup of java could help prevent type 2 diabetes, but it’s not the caffeine, it’s the chlorogenic acid in the coffee that helps regulate blood sugar 


  • Fish – obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, so a diet rich in fish decreases that risk, replace red meat with fish
  • Dairy products like milk – the calcium and magnesium in dairy lowers diabetes risks but stay away from high-fat dairy products such as ice cream, whole milk and cream cheese.
  • Blueberries – add to your morning cereal  to help control glucose
  • Brussels Sprouts – high in Vitamin C
  • Cinnamon – the compound methyljydroxy chalcone polymer (MHCP) mimics the action of insulin in your body, controlling blood sugar levels.

  cinnamon sticks

  • Oats – soluble fiber beta-glucan slows down the movement of food through your body so it can absorb glucose more slowly and gradual
  • Lentils – helps to lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivty
  • Almonds – monounsaturated fats helps to manage insulin and sugar levels
  • Poultry – moderate amounts of protein helps to balance blood sugar
  • Peanut Butter – B vitamin biotin helps body use glucose and digest fats and carbs
  • Artichokes – helps liver regulate blood glucose levels

peanut butter

  • Soy Milk – soy protein may help prevent both kidney disease and coronary heart disease in people with type 2 diabetes
  • Shellfish – high in zinc which is deficient in people with diabetes
  • Apples – chromium helps blood deliver and use insulin
  • Cherries – a sweet way to beat diabetes
  • Buckwheat – grain may help to lower blood sugar levels after meals
  • Guava – Chinese have used this fruit to treat diabetes for years
  • Cornstarch – uncooked cornstarch is a complex carb that is easily digestable and absorbs quickly and provides a steady source of glucose – snack before bedtime snack bars


Eating right is very important when you have diabetes. There is no magic one-size fits all diet, so please work with your physician or registered dietitian for a plan that works best for you.  


Stay happy and healthy my friends!