Dec 21

7 Stocking Stuffers for Sons

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Best Buy Co, Inc. 7 Stocking Stuffers for Sons

7 Stocking Stuffers for a son

Hello friends, the Christmas countdown is on and if you haven’t finished all of your shopping you still have a few more days, but you’ll need to hurry. I only picked up a few things for my sons because all they really wanted or needed was money. I did however, buy them a few stocking stuffers and if you need some last minute ideas, check these out.

Socks Stocking Stuffer - Socks

Neither one of my sons like to wear bedroom slippers so ankle socks are great for wearing around the house. Also, because we don’t wear shoes in the house they are great to slip on when the temperature drops.

Body Wash/Deodorant

December 2014 342 Stocking Stuffer - Personal Hygiene My sons have always liked using body washes as opposed to bar soaps, and as an Avon Rep I like to give them a few different scents.  Deodorants and Anti-antiperspirants are also good choices because this is definitely one hygiene product that they should never be without!

Bath Sponges

Bath Sponges make great stocking stuffers Bath Sponges are much better to use in the shower with a liquid body wash. It seems as though bath sponges or loofahs have become more popular with men as opposed to a wash cloth, I know my husband loves them.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

toothbrush and toothpaste are great stocking stuffers A toothbrush and toothpaste are traditional stocking stuffers and you can never have too many. This set comes in a plastic pouch which is great for travel or for keeping in a dorm room.

Candy Canes

candy is a great stocking stuffer Whether filled with M&Ms, Skittles or Sweet Tarts, these plastic canes are another stocking stuffer favorite.

Pez Dispenser

traditional Pez Dispenser Just like watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Christmas Story”, Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without a Pez Dispenser in a stocking.  

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers?


Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!


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  1. Lisa

    Wonderful stocking stuffer ideas!! Merry Christmas Hugz. Lisa and Bear

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you dear friend, I am wishing you a wonderful holiday as well.

  2. dltolley

    All of the above and – blush – some underwear! 🙂

    1. DelBlogger

      so true, but my sons don’t want me buying them underwear anymore, as a matter of fact neither does hubby – lol Merry Christmas1

  3. imagesbytdashfield

    Socks, deodorant and candy…oh yeah!

    1. DelBlogger

      What have you gotten for the grands?

      1. imagesbytdashfield


        1. DelBlogger

          Yes….except when you step on one!

  4. Lisa

    All classics. Lip balm and hand lotion are other good ones, especially as the weather gets colder and windier

    1. DelBlogger

      Lisa, oh yes, definitely need to add some lip balm! Hope you are enjoying the day.

  5. Louida (@MissLouMae)

    So far I got my girls body wash and lotions from Bath and Body Works for their stockings and tomorrow I’ll be among the crowds for a few more things.

    1. DelBlogger

      Good for you, I am going to hit Kmart just for the heck of it:-)

  6. Me and My Mini Me

    Great stocking stuffers. I got some cute little lotions, chapsticks, lipglosses, mini bubble baths and baby perfume for Miss Bee’s stocking. I also decided to get a bunch a little accessories, hair bows.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. DelBlogger

      And a great big kiss from me! ((^-^))

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