Category: Blogging Basics

Jul 04

5 Tips to Blogging While On Vacation

 5 tips to blogging while on vacation   This is a repost from last year when we were on vacation in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.   Although I haven’t even thought about taking a trip this early in the season, I did want to resurrect this post in case you were headed out for a …

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Mar 21

Spring Clean Your Blog

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and if you have been drawing the blinds and pushing back the curtains to tackle dust bunnies or clearing out the closets for donations then now is also the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning on your blog. I haven’t begun yet, however, while checking a …

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Dec 21

How to Make Your Blog’s Design More Enticing

Digital Online Homepage Web Page Office Working Concept

How to Make Your Blog’s Design More Enticing By: Maurine Anderson The overall look of your blog has a significant impact on whether visitors read your content, on whether they navigate to other pages, and ultimately on how long they spend on your website. In short, your blog’s design truly can make or break the …

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