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Super Foods for Seniors – Chapter 3

Hello Friends and Happy Monday

Did you all had a wonderful weekend and are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day on Friday – can you say CHOCOLATE!!!  Hopefully you also had a stress-free week, but if tension crept into a day, you tried one of the foods from Chapter 2 to ease the anxiety.  I know my week was stressful, as it was for many others in Pennsylvania due to the lose of power from last Tuesday’s snow and ice storm.  I chose the Super Food beef and made a slow cooked Rump Roast which was delicious, stay tuned for the recipe.

Energy Boosters

Chapter 3 of Super Foods for Seniors lists the foods that are good as Energy Boosters.  As bloggers we probably lose more sleep than we should and regardless of our age, this is not healthy.  Waking up in the middle of the night with a post idea or tossing and turning thinking about a deadline can zap our energy all day long. Feeling tired or having a lack of energy on a daily basis is not good nor is it healthy.  Although there are foods that can provide us with a boost of energy, getting adequate sleep is essential to being and staying healthy.

energy boosters


These are just a few of the foods that can exhilarate and invigorate us:

  • High Fiber Cereal – start your day with a bowl and add blueberries or peaches for an added boost

  • Lima Beans – rich in magnesium

  • Water – fights fatigue and dehydration

  • Cherries – contains melatonin for restful sleep

  • Poultry – cooked in an iron skillet triples the iron consumption

  • Quinoa – high in protein

  • Spinach – remember Popeye?

  • Salmon – natural B12

  • Bulgar – whole grain regulates blood sugar levels

  • Salt – iodine is good, but limit amounts or none if on a no-salt diet

  • Sweet Potatoes – Rich in Vitamin A aids thyroid to absorb iodine

  • Nuts – healthy thyroid

  • Tuna – packed in water not oil

These foods can help bring up your energy levels but remember foods don’t always affect everyone in the exact same way.  The best way is to keep your energy levels up is to get plenty of rest and keep the stress at bay.

Energy Boosters (1)

Energy Boosters – Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Lima Beans, Salmon, Tuna, Chicken

Stay Blessed – No Stress in 2014!


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