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Nov 16

Sweater Weather in Delaware

Sweater Weather in Delaware

What do wear in Indian Summer?  It’s too cool for short sleeves but too warm for a coat however, it’s perfect weather for sweaters especially in Delaware. The leaves are vibrant in color yet are becoming bare on a lot of trees in town, however, this one in my neighbor’s yard is just as colorful …

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Nov 09

Indian Summer and Superfoods from Snyders

Indian Summer and Superfoods from Snyders I don’t know about you, but I am truly enjoying this time of the year, what is normally called Indian Summer. Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day once the fog lifted so short sleeves were definitely the call for the day. Autumn attire with it’s vibrant colors, patterns and prints should …

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Apr 05

Tips for odor-free clothing {Guest Post}

dealing with stinky clothes

Hello friends, yesterday’s Goodwill thrifting haul was very successful and I can’t wait to show you what I got, but here is a picture of a pair of cute, yet too small shoes that I didn’t get!   Do you remember my YouTube video in which I talked about disinfecting accessories, well in that video I …

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Mar 27

Goodwill Goodies 2 ~ Shoes and Accessories

Goodwill logo

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  I was just going through the videos on my YouTube channel only to realize that Episode 2 of Goodwill Goodies was never published, so I wanted to pop in to let you know that is now up and live.  I thrifted some great belts, shoes …

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Jan 21

Saving my Suede in the Snow

Saving my Suede in the Snow Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. Ole’ Man Winter made an appearance earlier this month and dumped a few inches of snow across the Mid-Atlantic area. I used to love watching the snow fall, but now I hate it, driving in it is the worse…it …

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Jun 04

You Choose The Shoes | Week 7

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday.  Thank you all who voted in last week’s “You Choose The Shoes” contest.  Although both pairs were great for that outfit, there was one clear winner, the well worn Glo Wedges from Kmart! This week’s contenders are also well worn closet staples, I don’t even remember from where …

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May 27

Totally Thrifted Tuesday | OOTD

Hello Friends, I trust you all had a happy and safe holiday weekend!  I am back to work after being off since Thursday and needless to say it is tough getting back into the routine.  This outfit is what I wore last Tuesday and with the exception of the jewelry it is Totally Thrifted.   …

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May 21

You Choose The Shoes Week 5 | Splurge vs. Save Campaign

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday! Thank you all for voting last week and just as predicted it was a hard choice, but the winners were the Payless Pumps! One pair in this week’s contest is an entry into the Credit Card Insiders Splurge vs Save Campaign. You all know that as much as …

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Apr 30

You Choose The Shoes| Week 3

Coconut or Nine West wedges

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday! The winner of last week’s “You Choose the Shoes” was the Fioni Pumps from Kmart!   I don’t know about you, but I am having such a blast with this new feature, “You Choose The Shoes“.  It’s like having a bunch of friends hang out in my closet helping …

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Apr 16

You Choose the Shoes | OOTD

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday! I love the Spring and Summer seasons, not only because of the warmer weather but because of the shoes!  Sandals and open-toes are my favorites, but wedges, platforms, kitten heels, high heels, pumps, flats, it doesn’t matter, I wear them all.   I know that I’m not alone …

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