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Aug 28

Casual Friday in Palazzo Pants

Hello Friends and Happy Feel Good Friday!  Can you believe it’s the end of August and that summer is almost over?  Today’s OOTD post is featuring a style of pants that never seems to go out of style and that is Palazzo Pants.  As a boomer it seems as though I have been wearing this …

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Dec 03

Therapeutic Television – Sitcoms of the Sixties

Hello friends, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the sex, violence and unrealistic reality programming on television today?  I know sometimes I just want to turn on the set, sit back, relax and laugh while watching old skool sitcoms?   Thanks to television stations like Antenna TV, Me-TV and Cozi TV I oftentimes get a …

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Apr 26

Car 54 Where Are You? | Sitcoms of the 60’s

Car 54 Where Are You?   Do you remember this 1961 sitcom?      

Sep 17

Sitcoms of the 60’s

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! Driving home last evening I started thinking about the old TV sitcoms that I loved to watch as a child, the ones that made me rush through dinner so I could lay in front of the television set until bedtime.  We didn’t have a lot of homework so the only …

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