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Spring Cleaning with Renuzit Sensitive Scents

Disclosure: The Renuzit brand provided me with samples of Renuzit Sensitive Scents in exchange for an honest product review.  All opinions are however, 100% my own.

Last weekend I was able to enjoy one of my few unscheduled Saturdays so I took full advantage of it and decided to get a jump start on a little Spring Cleaning. 

With the sun’s rays shining through the windows it was obvious that the dust bunnies had multiplied over the winter!

Renuzit Review and Giveaway 003

As you know, I have two sons, Malik, who is away at school at Bowie State University and Tayair is home attending the CLSC Program at the University of Delaware.

I had recently received these Renuzit products from Social Insiders so I was anxious to try them out and their bedrooms were the perfect place to begin.  When Malik is away his bed is striped of it’s sheets and coverings so I started by spraying his mattress pad and pillows with the Renuzit Trigger Spray. 


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The Pure White Pear & Lavender scent was light and not overpowering which is great because both of my sons have seasonal allergies.  If you watch the video below you will also see that I used the Trigger Spray in Tayair’s room, closet and on his sneakers.

Renuzit Trigger Spray


I used the Pure Ocean Breeze Plug-In in Tayair’s room since it needs a bit more of a constant freshening and those of you who have teen age sons or young male adults know what I mean.  The Pure Ocean Breeze scent was light and airy and after a few hours it made the whole room smell refreshed.

Renuzit Plug in


I was going to leave the Renuzit Sensitive Scent Gel Freshener in Malik’s room but once I took a whiff of the Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber scent, I immediately took it to my bedroom – it was heavenly!  I will have to buy another one for Malik’s room before he gets home.


Renuzit Gel Freshner

Having used Renuzit products in the past I was familiar with them, however, these new Sensitive Scents are much better and the Plug In Refills are universal so that they fit in any Glade or Air Wick warming unit, which saves you money if you have them already. 

And speaking of saving money, I am conducting a Rafflecopter Giveway and will be giving away these 3 Coupons for a FREE Renuzit Sensitive Scents product. You can enter the contest below and make sure to leave a comment as to what your favorite Spring Scent is – good luck!

Renuzit Trigger Spray

Drawing is open to USA residents only and will end on Sunday, March 13th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring ~ Hello Birdies chirping in the trees ~ Hello Sunshine peeking through the windows ~ Hello oh no ~ dust and lots of it!

Friends the time has come to wash away the winter webs and begin the annual tradition of Spring Cleaning! It doesn’t matter if it’s the kitchen counters, the bathroom sink, in the car or on the barbells in the basement, they all need to be cleaned.

Spring Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths

These Microfiber Cloths by VibraWipe are a great alternative to paper towels and are strong enough to clean all areas in your home. They are soft, and non abrasive so they can be used on glass and delicate bulbs…don’t forget that Dining Room chandelier.

They are lint-free and won’t streak so they are great on mirrors and glass doors, are super absorbent which is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The Microfiber Cloths come 8 to a pack in 4 pastel colors so you can leave one in each room then throw them into the washer to keep them clean and ready for the next use.

Spring Cleaning Cloths

So go ahead and fling back those curtains and raise those blinds, just be sure to have a VibraWipe Microfiber cloth handy to catch all the dust.


Have you started your Spring Cleaning  yet?

New Year ~ New You

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5 Ways to Brush Away Germs!

5 Ways to Brush Away Germs!

As you start your annual Spring cleaning please take note that there are several brushes that should be replaced more often than once a year.  Replacing these brushes will avoid cross contamination and the spread of nasty germs.

Toilet Brush & Plungers

old toilet brushes

Although toilet brushes and plungers can be cleaned and disinfected by soaking them into a bucket of water and bleach after each use, it is also a good idea to replace them at least twice per year.

I store our plunger in a ceramic flowerpot which is lined with a grocery bag, that way if we need to use it in another bathroom we are not carrying around a ‘naked’ (germy) plunger from one room to the next.


Sponges/Dish Brushes

Kitchen Brush Replaced

To sanitize and disinfect a sponge you can always place it into the top rack of your dish dishwasher, but if you are using a sponge to clean the counter tops, make sure to replace it at least once a month, more if it begins to smell or has an odor. Do not use sponges to wipe up meat juices, if so, discard immediately.

MakeUp Brushes/Tools

How to clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes should definitely be cleaned regularly, at least weekly using a product like Elf or baby shampoo or even a dishwashing liquid. (Watch this quick tutorial) Replacing your brushes when they begin to show signs of wear, shed bristles or when the handles begin to weaken.

Loofah Pads/Shower Brushes

Loofahs and Shower Brushes

Loofah and Shower Brushes definitely need to be replaced bi-monthly, if not more often if the bristles begin to bend or if the loofah begins to unravel. Tip – before discarding loofah, use it to give the shower doors a good scrubbing.  Just pour on a little Dawn dishwashing liquid and rub down the glass door to remove dried on soap scum.

Scrub Brushes

Time to replace small scrub brush

Small scrub brushes or scouring pads that are used on the floor, inside the tub or shower should also be replaced monthly. Once the pad begins to flatten or bristles begin to bend, you are exerting more energy to get the area clean.  At that point it’s best to just discard and replace with new.

BTW – hair brushes can be placed in a sink or bowl filled with warm water and shampoo for about 15 minutes, longer if it contains a lot of hair products.  Comb through the bristles using a fine tooth comb, then lay it on it’s side to dry. Hair brushes tend to last a lot longer than most other brushes.

New Year ~ New You

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