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Mar 26

You Choose the Shoes ~ Season 2

You Choose the Shoes ~ Season 2 Hello friends, I didn’t expect to bring back “You Choose the Shoes” this soon, but after getting dressed yesterday morning, I realized that I hadn’t worn many of my flats during the winter. The weather is still cold and gloomy, so in anticipation of warmer days and brighter …

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Sep 24

You Choose the Shoes – Week 23 – End of the Season

Hello friends, and welcome to the end of the season’s “You Choose The Shoes”.  This weekend I have plans to clean out my closets, so if I find enough Fall contenders I may bring this feature back next month. Again, I want to thank all of you for voting and leaving some really cool comments, …

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Sep 17

You Choose the Shoes – Week 22

Hello friends, welcome to week 22 of “You Choose the Shoes“.  Next Saturday I begin the dreaded task of cleaning out closets, donating items that I no longer want or fit and of course changing out the summer shoes for fall and winter ones.  I have already started wearing a few pairs as evidenced by today’s …

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Sep 10

You Choose The Shoes – Madden Girls in Week 21

Hello friends, welcome to Week 21 of “You Choose the Shoes“.  I’ve had so much fun with this mid-week feature and I love all of your comments, but as with all good things this too must come to an end.  As the weather cools so will the contest and September most likely will be the …

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Sep 03

You Choose the Shoes – Week 20

Hello friends,   I hope all is well in your world.  I am slowly but surely getting adjusted to having only one son at home with Malik now away at college.  He seems to be doing well, last week I received a few text messages and 1 phone call!  I can now fully appreciate the …

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Aug 27

You Choose the Shoes Week 19 | Bye Bye Birdie

Hello friends, before we begin this week’s contest please hand me a tissue and then let’s do a group hug…because today is the day that my little birdie leaves the nest!   Yes, we are enroute to Bowie State University where he will be living for the next 4 years, and hopefully only 4!  Where …

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Aug 20

You Choose the Shoes Week 18

Hello friends, Welcome to week 18 of “You Choose the Shoes”. I am happy to report that the denim shoes finally won NOT!  Believe it or not, it was almost a tie but Ms. Elle squeaked ahead at the last minute.   Thank you all for voting and especially for making me feel good with …

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Aug 13

You Choose the Shoes Week 17

You Choose the Shoes Week 17

Hello friends, welcome to Week 17 of “You Choose the Shoes“.  The yellow Mossimo Pumps were definitely the #1 favorite in last week’s contest.  Most of you felt it highlighted the yellow in the dress and I totally agree, thank you all for the comments. This week we are going with a more casual look.  I …

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Aug 06

You Choose the Shoes Week 16

Hello friends, well last week’s contest proved one thing – you CAN wear too much denim, the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of the wedge heels.  Not that you didn’t like the denim shoes, it was just that they were too much with the maxi denim dress. I now need to find an appropriate outfit …

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Jul 30

You Choose The Shoes | Week 15

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. Welcome to Week 15 of You Choose The Shoes, I am glad that so many of you look forward to this weekly feature just as much as I enjoy posting it. Last week’s contenders were fun and the votes for each were coming in fast and furious but …

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