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Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

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Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

Slowly but surely I am pairing down my shoe collection as I didn’t wear as many of the summer sandals that I had in previous seasons. I wore far less than a dozen that I really liked including ballerina flats so I boxed up several pairs and donated them to our local Goodwill.

No, I didn’t buy any others to replace them but did realize that I had a pair of brand new sandals that were previously purchased that I hadn’t worn, so they will get a chance to be shoecasted this season!

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

As a matter of fact these beige sandals were purchased last winter and they were part of a bigger donation from Target. If you are a true blue Goodwill thrifter then you know that several retail stores, including Target often ship their out of season items to Goodwill where you can find them on their “Boutique” racks.

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

The dress is from Ross Dress for less and with the multiple colors throughout, I thought the sandals were a perfect match.  The heel may be a bit chunky but it’s a nice color coordination nevertheless, what do you think?

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

A simple pair of gold hoops, an oversized ring and my wooden watch from Jord completes the outfit. Oh, and this off white purse was also thrifted from Goodwill.

thrifted purse from goodwill

I always spray thrifted shoes with a disinfectant spray no matter if they are new or not, and as a matter of fact, I spray all shoes that I purchase because I never know who tried them on before me!

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

Are you ready to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn?


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