Sep 02

I hate the battery in bed with us!

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I hate the battery in bed with us!

I hate the sound that pouch makes all through the night…the pumping of the poison

I hate the battery in bed with us!

I hate the position on his back he must lay…the pumping of the poison

I hate the battery in bed with us!

I hate he’s up and down all night, losing sleep just to pee…the pumping of the poison

I hate the battery in bed with us!

I hate he can’t shower for two days, bird baths in the sink…the pumping of the poison

I hate the battery in bed with us!

I hate that his bones ache and he can’t touch his feet, cold chills, numb fingers and lack of sleep…the pumping of the poison

I hate the battery in bed with us!

I hate I can’t scratch his back or rub his neck to relax…the pumping of the poison

I hate the battery in bed with us! 

I hate he can’t do the things he loved or be amongst a crowd…the pumping of the poison

I hate the battery in bed with us!

battery in bed with us



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  1. Lisa

    So sorry to hear he has cancer! My husband has Hairy Cell Leukemia which is a rare Leukemia. He will battle it til his dying day. Cancer does suck big time! Good thing God made us strong to help our loved ones get through the battles! Sending you lots of hugz sweetie

    1. DelBlogger

      Lisa, thank you so very much and so sorry to hear about your hubby as well, I will keep him in my prayers, what is his name. Sending hugs back at cha!

  2. Louida (@MissLouMae)

    Stay strong sis! #HateCancer

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, I must stay strong – have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  3. Neti*

    Your Love will overcome Sis. #HateCancer.

    1. DelBlogger

      Yes it will Blog Sistah – are you ready for the holiday – eat drink and be merry!!!

  4. Living in Mommywood

    Lots of love and prays sent your way mama xo

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you sweet lady – how are things on your side of the world?

      1. Living in Mommywood

        Things are going well lots on my plate with grandma but taking deep breaths and rolling along. I find that it’s when we put up a fight that our energy is sucked away but when we are kind to ourselves and work on issues with ease things turn out as they should. Looking forward to more of your boys school shares lol xo chat soon

        1. DelBlogger

          Yes, you are always in my prayers. I know what you are going through as you know, just remember, “this too shall pass”!

  5. carlab

    Prayers to you!

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you so much!

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I am so sorry you’re dealing with this. I wish you guys nothing but the best & my prayers are with you.

    1. DelBlogger

      Robin, thank you, but “this too shall pass” and hubby is keeping a positive attitude and doing what he is supposed to do. Thank God he retired last year so he can work on keeping himself healthy and not dealing with the stressor of a job…he leaves that to me – lol Have an awesome holiday weekend.

  7. littlemisscant

    My heart just breaks for you guy…praying for peace, restoration and healing.
    How long will he have to endure this treatment option?

    1. DelBlogger

      Little Miss, thank you, all prayers are appreciated! This is his 4th of 12, after the 6th, he will have another CATSCAN which will hopefully reveal that the chemo is working. Have a wonderful holiday.

  8. India

    So sorry cuz thank god for your strength I send my prayers a day my love….he will beat this!

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you cuz, I know he will. Hope all is well on your side of the world – love and miss ya!

  9. Anny

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Hugs and prayers to you and your hubby.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you Anny, appreciate the kind words. Hope all is well in your world.

  10. Jessica Beal Harlow

    Cancer is a horrible disease that effects so many. The person fighting it, their families and loved ones. God bless you and your husband and prayers for health and strength!

    1. DelBlogger

      Jessica, yes that is so true. Thank you so very much for stopping by and especially for the prayers! Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  11. Maria @ closetohome

    very touching poem. I am sorry you are dealing with this.

    1. DelBlogger

      Maria, thank you. Hope you have a Thankful Thursday!

  12. Lois Alter Mark

    I’m so sorry you are both dealing with this. Sending out lots of good thoughts that your husband gets better soon.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you very much Lois, just another one of life’s bumps, but we plan on getting over this one and coming out strong in the end!

  13. Dawn

    I’m so sorry that you guys are going through this. Nothing about cancer is ever easy. I wish you two the best and hope he gets to feeling better.

    1. DelBlogger

      Dawn, thank you so very much, together we will get through this – giving it no power!

  14. socialite123l

    You are such a strong and inspiring woman. Cancer is a disease that attacks regardless of age , class or race. My prayers will be with you both and that you live life to the fullest and love each other even more

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you my dear, cancer doesn’t care who it attacks and everyone has been affected by it in one way or another. Appreciate the kind words and especially the prayers.

  15. tamaralikecamera

    I’m so sorry to hear. The battery in bed sounds dreadful. May he recover fully and fast.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you Tamara, he has two more treatments before the next CATScan and then another 6 rounds….hopefully, by the end of the year all will be done!

  16. Liz Mays

    I’m really sorry you guys have to go through this. Know that you have our support!

    1. DelBlogger

      Liz, thank you, so glad for the good words and prayers.

  17. Debbie Denny

    I will add my prayers. Pray soon you can do things without the batteries.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you Debbie, yes, we are looking forward to that day!

  18. WendysHat

    I’m sorry for your trials. This does not sound like anything fun at all. Bless you and your family for some peace and comfort as you deal with this.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you Wendy, you never sign up for something like this but after 25 years of marriage, we will weather this storm together! Have a great holiday weekend.

  19. claudia krusch

    Very sorry to hear that! But instead of hate, how about a positive attitude and hope! I have sent a prayer to you and your family!

    1. DelBlogger

      Unfortunately cancer has taken so many loved ones in my family that I can no longer stand it. There must be a cure for this deadly disease in all it’s forms. Thank you for stopping by, commenting and praying!

  20. Courtney

    This is such a powerful post. I hate cancer, though it has not touched my life as closely as it has ours. Sort of like sleeping with the enemy-the poison is a necessary evil. Your family and your husband are in my thoughts. Best wishes to you all.

    1. DelBlogger

      Courtney, that is such a great way to put it, “sleeping with the enemy-the poison”, but it’s what is going to make him healthy again. I appreciate the thoughts and comments and wish you and yours a great holiday weekend.

  21. Trisha Grimes (@MommaTBlog)

    I’m so sorry! Sending prayers your way! Cancer is horrible. Horrible, horrible. It took my husbands cousin at a very young age. My grandfather is a survivor though! He beat prostate cancer and recently skin cancer.

    1. DelBlogger

      Go ‘head grandpa – so happy for him. Yes, we too have lost far too many relatives to this deadly and uncaring disease. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. Have a great holiday weekend.

  22. Janeane Davis

    Cancer sucks and it is a bad thing to live with and through. It is good to be honest and say how you really feel.

    1. DelBlogger

      Janeane thank you, yes, it’s better to get it out than keep it all bottled up inside because it’s unhealthy. I do hope that you are having a Thankful Thursday.

  23. victoria

    I’m so sorry to hear that, lots of prayers #Hatecancer

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you Victoria, we appreciate all the prayers!

  24. Rosey

    I’m sorry, I know exactly what it’s like to have someone you love having to go through this… And I know it’s everyone who goes through it too.

    1. DelBlogger

      Rosie, it is so unfortunate that cancer has affected so many for far too long! I wish you a Thankful Thursday.

  25. Crystal

    I’m so sorry you all are going through this. Cancer is terrible. My mom is 20+ year survivor, though, so it can be beat. Keep fighting!

    1. DelBlogger

      Crystal, you are so right, we are not giving this disease any power! Thank you.

  26. censie

    Stay strong love. Cancer is hard on everyone involved. Sending love

    1. DelBlogger

      Censie, thank you very much. Cancer is an uncaring disease!

  27. Ida

    Cancer sucks!! I wish you much strength to overcome the struggles.

    1. DelBlogger

      Ida, thank you very much! I hope you have a great holiday weekend.

  28. Debbie L.

    #HateCancer ~ cancer affects everyone that loves the person that has cancer. Sending prayers your way.

    1. DelBlogger

      Debbie, thank you so very much, hope all is well on your side of the world!

  29. Sonya K

    That sounds awful…praying for your husband and you too. Cancer sucks 🙁

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