Nov 02

So Long Short Sleeves Welcome Winter

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Well here we are again edging closer to the cold winter winds, so the time has come to say, “so long to short sleeves”  This is the last time that I’ll be wearing a short sleeve dress to work without a cardigan or blazer.  If you remember, this was actually the dress I wore to the Bloggers Night at the Grub Burger Bar.

Fashion after Fifty

My open toe shoes are also going to be packed up and replaced with tights, booties and boots.  As much as I love the heat of the summer, I must admit that I am looking forward to the shorter and colder days of December.


I was trying to remember where I purchased this little black dress and then remembered that it was one of several that I had purchased to wear to my grandmother’s funeral in 2009.  I am not sure if I wore it or chose instead to wear a blue one which was her favorite color.  The Ethnic necklace with matching earrings were purchased several years before at a boutique in Wilmington.

Fashion after Fifty

These are my favorite peep-toe pumps; Jessica Simpson animal print that were purchased at a Consignment Shop in West Chester, PA.  The purse is an Avon Accessory.

shoes from a consignment shop

Hubby took a vacation trip to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic two few weeks ago, and for some strange reason I couldn’t sleep alone so I was up late way too late writing blog posts, including this one.

  accessories from Avon

Now that he is back, I am sleeping like a baby and am very happy to have him home safe and sound.  I am glad that he had an opportunity to get away and take some time to himself.  After all he deserved it after the cancer diagnosis and the chemo treatments he underwent last year.

I am in the process of re-branding my business and my blog, so stay tuned for more exciting changes other than the obvious name change from DeDivahDeals to DelBlogger. 

DeDivahDeals is rebranding

Speaking of staying tuned, don’t forget to follow me on AAU Teen Talk Radio on Blog Talk Radio – Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger Sunday evenings at 6 pm and if you miss them, make sure to listen to the rebroadcast as it helps me with my ratings.

Click here to listen to last week’s Podcast.

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  1. imagesbytdashfield

    And our weather has gone from nice cool autumn to early summer…sheesh!

    1. DelBlogger

      Yes, 78 degrees tomorrow – this is definitely a sign of global warming.

  2. Madam too Much

    It is so good to fit in a dress you had years ago & many of us wish we could. You look Fabulous and Congrats on the new brand.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you sis, but you did notice that the dress it’s very wide and not form fitting.

  3. Haralee

    I love that dress! It is nice to have a change in weather. I got out my sweaters and long sleeves too. In my excitement to wear fall clothes I forgot my hot flashes aren’t crazy about the double long sleeves, at least not until the weather turns cold!

    1. DelBlogger

      No, “menopause don’t care”

  4. voulaah

    Beautiful look, I adore your black dress

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, glad that I can still wear it – lol!

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