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Super Foods for Seniors | Nausea Relief

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Hello Friends and welcome back from the weekend.  I trust you all enjoyed yourselves and were able to get out and do something fun.  This week’s Super Foods are ones for Nausea Relief, and no matter the age, at some point we all have suffered from an upset stomach.   Super Foods Nausea Relief

Foods contaminated with bacteria, motion sickness, infection, illness and vertigo can all upset our stomachs so here are some top choices for helping to settle it down.

  • Bananas – the bland BRAT diet are foods soft enough on your stomach that you’ll be able to keep them down – B = banana

  • Rice – R = rice

  • Applesauce – A = applesauce

  • Toast – T = toast BRAT diet ingredients

  • Soft Drinks – sips of clear, sweet liquids like soda and juice can prevent vomiting – but nothing too acidic like orange or grapefruit juice

  • Ginger – cuts the queasiness, fresh or in capsules, chop an inch off of fresh ginger and boil in water for a stomach smoothing tea

  • Yogurt – good bacteria that is helpful to your digestive tract

  • Tumeric – this spice promotes production of bile in your digestive system which helps push things along quickly

  • Garlic – contains an antibiotic that kills many viruses and bacteria and can help protect against E. coli – add to your beef

  • Dry Mustard – can kill E. coli, use it when cooking your ground beef and cook it thoroughly

  • Onions – adding onions to ground beef helps neutralize Salmonella – add a 1/2 to 1 cup chopped onions to each pound of ground beef

  • Chamomile – this plant has compounds that reduce spasms in your gastrointestinal tract, it also eases anxiety.  If you have pollen allergies you may want to stay away from chamomile.

  • Horseradish – horseradish and wasabi may kill harmful bacteria in foods because it contains allylisothiocyanate (AIT) which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi that causes food poisoning.


Food poisoning prevention tips


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