Jun 17

Sunset and Sunrise in the Dominican Republic

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Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.

Last week my family and I spent 8 wonderful days in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. When we arrived it was just after a quick rainstorm however, it was just in time to catch a beautiful sunset.

Sunset in the DR

Wanting to wake up at least one day early to catch a sunrise was one of my goals and it turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. Standing alone in the quiet stillness of the morning, watching a gato (cat) sleep and listening to the birds chirping was a blessed way in which to start a non-work day.

Sunrise in the DR

Sitting in silence watching resort employees preparing for their day knowing that my only commute would be a walk down to the beach was wonderful.

Sitting in solitude on the beach

Despite the current political conditions in the Dominican Republic, I have to admit that not having been on a vacation since 2009, the DR was definitely a beautiful place to be.

Beach view in the DR

After returning to the room I gathered my men and we walked over to the Casablanca restaurant where we ate from a breakfast buffet complete with Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s (for me).  

This was just the beginning of what turned out to be a week long event of overeating and drinking, but thankfully I only gained 3 lbs!

Breakfast at the Casablanca

After breakfast, we tried to walk off a few of the calories with a tour of the Lifestyles Holidays Vacation resort.  My mini men returned to the room for a little R&R, then hubby and I walked to the VIP beach where we met another couple from Oklahoma at of all places “Wallmart”

Hubby and Tayair on the balcony

Hubby and Tayair on the balcony

Beautiful view of the beach

Beautiful view of the beach

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 064 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 066


On the beach at "Wallmart" On the beach at "Wallmart"

After dinner there was Dominican entertainment followed by another beautiful sunset. Check back in on Friday to see some of the foods and flora in Puerto Plata.

Dominican Dinner entertainment

Dominican Dinner entertainment

End of a perfect day in Puerto Plata

End of a perfect day in Puerto Plata

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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  1. imagesbytdashfield

    Getting up early for sunrises is what it’s all about!

    1. DelBlogger

      yes, but the first day I hit the snooze button!

  2. Sarah Ferguson

    Looks like an amazing place – and if you can’t indulge a little on vacation, when can you?

    1. DelBlogger

      So true, and boy did I ever indulge!

  3. Louida (@MissLouMae)

    Lovely photos sis! I need to be adding DR on my travel bucket list. Looks so relaxing and peaceful with amazing views.

    1. DelBlogger

      Yes, you, the ladies and the mister would love it – stay tuned for the food pics!

  4. robinhardeman

    Love the pics and that maxi was vacation perfect. Glad you enjoyed some much deserved time-off!

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you but I am finding it hard to get back into a normal routine!

  5. Whitney 'Nic' James

    Beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing, relaxing time.


    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, yes it was. You and Darrius should go on your next Anniversary, let me know as we purchased a Jr. Suite, $199/week plus food and travel there.

  6. blondie63

    Happy Anniversary wishes sweetie! You guys are such a cute couple and I hope you have many more! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you my dear!

  7. Yulunda Gladney

    Hey Love!
    I absolute love everything about this. How peaceful and tranquil. Congrats on all fronts!

    1. DelBlogger

      Yes, it is a beautiful location and I can’t wait to go back. I hope you are enjoying your day Yulunda and thanks for stopping by to comment.

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