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You Choose The Shoes New Season

Hello friends, guess what…it’s time for a new season of

You Choose The Shoes” 

Now most of you know that I am in the process of de-cluttering in order to downsize the house so we can move to a 55+ community.  However, my closets are the hardest to keep organized because they are overflowing with shoes, purses and clothes, but I am biting the bullet and have been donating with a vengeance. 

As a matter of the fact at the time of this reading, these beige pumps will have been donated to my local Goodwill.

beige pumps

The funny thing is, these pumps were thrifted a few years ago from the Salvation Army Family Store and were a closet staple, but the back of the beige ones got a little messed up so it was time to get rid of them.  At first I was going to put them in one of those metal bins on the side of the road but wasn’t  sure where the shoes are sent.

Do you know who collects them and where they are sent?

where to donate shoes

Well anywho, back to these shoes, I think they both look great with the dress also thrifted and purse but I need you to tell me which color you would have worn with this outfit.

you choose the shoes


Leave a comment below with your choice for which pair I should have worn with this dress to work and the results will be tallied and posted in the next “YCTS” post. 


Oh and if you know anything about those metal bins on the side of the road I would appreciate the information.

blue pumps

beige pumps Partnership Banner

Afraid to wear white!

Afraid to wear white!

Some of you know from previous posts that I am afraid to wear all white..why…because it brings out the kid in me.  You know that kid who inevitably and by the end of day has spilled something on themselves while wearing an all white outfit. Plus it reminds me of when my sister, cousins and I got Baptized at Gospel Tabernacle Church in the 70’s!

Baptism pic

Anywho, I finally went through all of my closets and dresser drawers earlier this summer and got rid of a lot of clothes that were either too small or I hadn’t worn in years. I sold most of them for $1.00 a piece at my Yard Sales and the rest I donated to Goodwill and the Boys and Girls Club.

A pair of white linen pants are a summer wardrobe staple, but unless you want to look like a wrinkled mess in a few hours, I suggest you wear them when you’re not traveling in a car or plane for hours.

Because I love the black and white combination and polka dots are my favorite I chose to pair them with a sleeveless tank and black strap sandals.

scared to wear white

The polka dot purse was a great find at Family Dollar, and like I said before, “don’t sleep on the Dollar Stores” especially when it comes to accessories.

Dollar Store purse

When you just need to grab a purse and go on a casual Friday or weekend, this bag works.

Polka Dot purse

Do you have a fear of wearing white or am I the only one?

Polka Dot and White Friday