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Sep 17

You Choose the Shoes – Week 22

Hello friends, welcome to week 22 of “You Choose the Shoes“.  Next Saturday I begin the dreaded task of cleaning out closets, donating items that I no longer want or fit and of course changing out the summer shoes for fall and winter ones.  I have already started wearing a few pairs as evidenced by today’s …

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Sep 10

You Choose The Shoes – Madden Girls in Week 21

Hello friends, welcome to Week 21 of “You Choose the Shoes“.  I’ve had so much fun with this mid-week feature and I love all of your comments, but as with all good things this too must come to an end.  As the weather cools so will the contest and September most likely will be the …

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Apr 23

You Choose The Shoes | Week 2

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day! The winner of last week’s “You Choose the Shoe” was the Polka Dot Pumps from DSW!     Now it’s week 2 so it’s time for you to choose this week’s shoe, and no, I haven’t gotten a pedicure yet so don’t look too hard! Will it be the …

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Apr 16

You Choose the Shoes | OOTD

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday! I love the Spring and Summer seasons, not only because of the warmer weather but because of the shoes!  Sandals and open-toes are my favorites, but wedges, platforms, kitten heels, high heels, pumps, flats, it doesn’t matter, I wear them all.   I know that I’m not alone …

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Feb 19

I Got it @Goodwill

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday!  Today’s totally thrifted outfit with the exception of the shoes was purchased at Goodwill.  Each piece was purchased separately from a Goodwill store either in Middletown or Smyrna.  In my mind I saw this outfit fitting differently, but hubby said it looked okay, so I stayed with it. …

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Jun 18

Tropical Tuesday – Outfits of Two days

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! Today’s outfit post is a 2fer, the first one was worn last Thursday the day of the torrential downpour and the second I wore yesterday. What is your take on the Denim Skirt which was very popular in the ’90’s. Check out this Blog Post on Denim Skirts, I will never be …

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May 30

Vacation Day in May

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve! Today was a fantastic day, this morning it was sunny with temps in the high 80’s and I was on vacation hanging with my oldest son.  There were a few things that we needed to get done including him renewing his driver’s license.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 …

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May 13

OOTD – Fall Back Monday

Hello Friends and Happy Monday After a wonderfully warm weekend the temperatures have reversed course and fallen back into Autumn, dropping down into the 30’s and 40’s!  Yesterday I was in shorts preparing for the pool opening and today I am wearing fall clothing – this is crazy.  The forecast calls for 80 degrees by Thursday so …

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May 10

OOTD – Finally Friday

Hello Friends and Happy Fri-Yay! Well we made it through another week and for that I am thankful.  It was a roller coaster of events with all the strange things happening in the world.  I continue to pray for the 3 kidnapped victims in Cleveland and no matter what he did in his past, Charles …

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Mar 11

OOTD – Foggy Monday

Hello Friends and Happy DST Monday! Woke up thinking it would be a bright and sunny Pre-Spring day, instead it was a dark and damp foggy morning, oh well at least I woke up a lot of people didn’t! (Blessed). The day started out much like most people’s heads…a little foggy, why don’t we abolish …

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