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Aug 15

Mason Jar Dump Cake

Hello friends, are you ready for the weekend?  Here it is the middle of August so raise your hand if you’ll be heading to the beach or the shore this weekend?  Not me, but I will be hanging poolside, I hate traffic, I get enough of that during the week!   Today’s Friday Foodie Feature …

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Jan 23

Snow Day Slow Cooker Day

Hello Friends and Happy Thankful Thursday If you read my post yesterday you know that we were once again hit with a major snowstorm on Tuesday.  It took me over 5 1/2 hours to get home from work and I definitely didn’t want to be in the car anytime soon so I stayed home on …

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Jun 30

Chicken Kabobs

What is your favorite grilled food? Mine are kabobs, whether made with chicken, beef, seafood or lamb, I like putting together ingredients for kabobs. My BFF from New Rochelle was visiting this weekend, so in addition to some “girl talk” and a few cold Peach Bellinis, we dined on crabs, shrimp and chicken kabobs. Ingredients: …

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Jun 19

Taco Turkey or Chicken Loaf

“Use what you got to make what you want“ was the inspiration for this mid-week meal. I usually buy Ground Turkey but this week purchased Perdue Ground Chicken, and using ingredients that I already had on hand I jazzed up an ordinary loaf. Ingredients Ground Turkey/Chicken Taco Seasoning Salsa Egg Bread Crumbs Sweet Peppers Onion …

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Jun 13

4 Ingredient 40 Minute Meal

Hello Friends, I hope you had a good day.   I didn’t make it into work this morning because of a quick moving, yet severe rainstorm that caused me to turn around and head home.  Fortunately the weather improved and it turned into a wonderful sunny afternoon. I’m still on the Nutrisystem program and eating …

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Jun 17

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

The colors of summer – Using a recipe from the @usaweekend magazine I made a Mediterranean Chickpea Salad. I didn’t have mozzarella so I used sharp cheddar and instead of cherry tomatoes I cut up a fresh tomato. The parsley was fresh from my garden.

May 29

Get fired up for dessert!

Yesterday I grilled a pineapple using a recipe from the June issue of @allyou magazine. It was a sweet ending to our BBQ meal. ingredients -sweetened flaked coconut//lime juice//light brown sugar//pineapple