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Nov 09

Can Blogging Break Up a Marriage

You do remember how innocently it all started out.  At first you were just writing a few hobby posts every week no big deal, a time filler just having fun.  Then you started getting followers who began to comment and so you started to take blogging a little more seriously.  Your audience was growing and …

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May 13

Ready for Retirement | Avoid these Mistakes

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday   Have you and your spouse started thinking about retirement?  Perhaps it’s several years off or maybe in the not-so-distant future.  What are your plans, will you be traveling or just relaxing on the back deck watching the sun rise while sipping your morning coffee? Hubby will be retiring from …

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Mar 13

Go To Bed Angry – You Need The Rest

Hello Friends and Happy Thankful Thursday If you’re married, I’m sure you’ve heard, “never go to bed angry”, but I disagree, sometimes I think you should go to bed angry – you need the rest. Yes, communication is important in a marriage but there are times when you don’t want to talk you just want …

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Apr 10

Forever In My Heart

Forever In My Heart I know that I’m not the only one who has lost someone far too young.   No matter how much time goes by, she will always be Unsung. I often wonder how it would be if I could see her just one more time. To see her face, feel her warm …

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