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Mar 19

I Got it @Goodwill | Last Day of Winter

Hello Friends and Happy Goodwill Wednesday! This week’s thrifted outfit was worn on St. Patrick’s Day and it snowed! However, instead of complaining, I was glad as it was the perfect weather in which to wear a maxi skirt and riding boots because tomorrow is the first day of Spring!           …

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Jan 22

WIWW – Sunrise to SnowStorm

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday Yesterday’s snowstorm was predicted to start around noon in our area but it actually began at 9:00 a.m. in West Chester, PA.  However, before it’s arrival the sky was highlighted by a brilliant sunrise. #GodsLight                           …

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Sep 26

J. Crew Inspired Rossette Necklace

Hello Friends and Happy Thankful Thursday Today’s outfit of the day is featuring a J. Crew Inspired Rosette Necklace that I won in a sponsored contest given by fellow blogger Susan at Charming Lucy.  I got home late last evening after attending the Delaware Today Fashion Awards and a package was waiting for me on …

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Aug 29

Throwback Thursday DIY

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve! Can you believe that next week it will be Labor Day, the unofficial end of Summer – where did August go? I don’t know about you but I don’t rush to put away my summer clothes and break out the Autumn gear.  I like to leisurely linger into Indian …

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Jun 06

OOTD – Poppin Pink on the Cheap

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve! Please pray for those injured and killed in yesterday’s building collapse at The Salvation Army in Philadelphia! Today is another day that the Lord hath made and I will rejoice in it!  I’m feeling vibrant and thrifty in my $20.00 outfit, yes, this entire outfit cost me 20 bones! …

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Mar 28

OOTD – Back to the Max

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve! Today is my last day at work until next Tuesday, the 2nd of April and I am counting down the hours!  Looking forward to relaxing but more importantly cleaning out my closets!  Getting ready for the 1st Flea Market of the season and will be gathering unused clothes and …

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Mar 27

OOTD – Weepy Wednesday

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday It took me a while to get myself together after this morning’s encounter with my neighbor, but I’m glad that it happened because last night I dreamt about my aunt who passed away on Friday. However, the reason for being extremely late this morning was the multiple outfit …

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Mar 14

OOTD – Bling Bling Thursday

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve! Believe it or not we got snow flakes this morning, it was nothing major just some spritzing, but I do hope it was the last for the season.  I feel sorry for hubby because the year after the big snow storm of 2010, he used his credit card to …

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Mar 11

OOTD – Foggy Monday

Hello Friends and Happy DST Monday! Woke up thinking it would be a bright and sunny Pre-Spring day, instead it was a dark and damp foggy morning, oh well at least I woke up a lot of people didn’t! (Blessed). The day started out much like most people’s heads…a little foggy, why don’t we abolish …

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Feb 20

OOTD – Crazy Commuters

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday, we’re on the down stroke to the weekend! Yesterday after work I stopped for gas, paid $3.67/gallon, getting just enough to get home or to a cheaper station. This morning it was $3.69! It’s times like these that I miss living in New York and taking public transportation. …

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