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You Choose The Shoes New Season

Hello friends, guess what…it’s time for a new season of

You Choose The Shoes” 

Now most of you know that I am in the process of de-cluttering in order to downsize the house so we can move to a 55+ community.  However, my closets are the hardest to keep organized because they are overflowing with shoes, purses and clothes, but I am biting the bullet and have been donating with a vengeance. 

As a matter of the fact at the time of this reading, these beige pumps will have been donated to my local Goodwill.

beige pumps

The funny thing is, these pumps were thrifted a few years ago from the Salvation Army Family Store and were a closet staple, but the back of the beige ones got a little messed up so it was time to get rid of them.  At first I was going to put them in one of those metal bins on the side of the road but wasn’t  sure where the shoes are sent.

Do you know who collects them and where they are sent?

where to donate shoes

Well anywho, back to these shoes, I think they both look great with the dress also thrifted and purse but I need you to tell me which color you would have worn with this outfit.

you choose the shoes


Leave a comment below with your choice for which pair I should have worn with this dress to work and the results will be tallied and posted in the next “YCTS” post. 


Oh and if you know anything about those metal bins on the side of the road I would appreciate the information.

blue pumps

beige pumps Partnership Banner

Colorful in the Cold

You know, I should have taken offense to the guy at work who said I looked like a Construction Cone…no, he didn’t really say that but I know he was thinking it.  Didn’t matter because I love this colorful vest from Old Navy and chose to wear it to brighten up a cold wintry day.

colorful vest from Old Navy

A few weeks before the Blizzard of 2016 made an appearance I was still wearing dresses and skirts to work, but I think I’ll stick with pants and sweaters for a few weeks or until the first signs of spring appear.

skirt thrifted from Goodwilll

This work outfit is basic with a grey skirt thrifted from Goodwill, turtleneck from Walmart and the vest from Old Navy.  Black tights and my suede booties from The Shoe Dept completed it.

vest from Old Navy

You may recognize the Statement Necklace from Walmart and the multi-color bracelet I think was purchased from Burlington Coat Factory.

how to brighten up your outfit

How do you brighten up an outfit on a cold or dreary day?

What a Wonderful Weekend

Believe it or not I finally had an opportunity to do a little holiday shopping last weekend but since both of my sons are older, they don’t need much of anything so basically I just bought groceries. 

I did however, pick up a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker for Malik and along with a white bathrobe that I ordered from Amazon that finished my shopping for him.  I didn’t know what to get Tayair and he adamantly told me that not only did he not want anything, he didn’t need anything.  I may go against his wishes and stop at Old Navy tomorrow to pick him up a pair of pajama pants and a sweater.

In addition to weekly groceries from Walmart SuperCenter I also picked up the ingredients for a Slow Cooked Chili and thankfully the store wasn’t as crowded as I had anticipated.  Fashion after Fifty I don’t wear jeans very often, but when I do, I like wearing ones of color and these red ones were perfect for a weekend shopping trip which by the way were previously purchased from Walmart.  Fashion after Fifty The multi-color scarf and over sized top were thrifted from Goodwill and the Blue Suede Booties were purchased many years ago from The Shoe Dept in the Exton Mall.  The purse was purchased from the Unique Freak, LLC when I attended the Meet the Greek event last month and it has my sorority letters on the side. #SigmaGammaRho


Sunday, I drove down to Bowie State University in Maryland to pick up Malik and as you can see from his face, he was definitely glad to leave and start his month long winter vacation.  starting winter college break

Friday I attended the #FridayFuelUpDE holiday party, check out my YouTube channel to see more pictures and food from this great party. 

Friday Fuel Up Holiday party Friday Fuel Up Holiday event

Speaking of food, I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies on Saturday night while watching the Democratic Debate and then once I got home from Maryland made the Slow Cooked Chili on Sunday – too many calories but both were very tasty!

homemade chocolate chip cookies Sunday's dinner

I do hope that you all had a wonderful weekend  and if we don’t get another opportunity to chat before Friday – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas

Dressing Through a Flash #menopause

Dressing Through a Flash #menopause

Getting dressed in the heat of the summer while experiencing the hot flashes of menopause is no joke.  Sometimes my morning routine is like a solo, female version of an Abbott and Costello skit!

 Just check out this exaggerated routine from earlier this month:

Put on black sleeveless dress thrifted from Goodwill, pull out white belt also thrifted…grab black and white necklace purchased from Walmart and big floral ring.  Get white plastic bracelet and watch from jewelry box add a pair of silver hoops.

Dressing through a flash

Flash hits….take off dress… turn on fan…

Dressing through a Flash

Cool off, open closet, grab sandals and purse…

Dressing through a Flash

Wipe forehead…

put dress and belt back on…

Dressing through a Flash

Flash hits!

Take off  belt, peel away the dress and unzip sandals… throw everything onto the floor!

Open closet, take out brown, floral skirt and green short sleeve top, both also thrifted from Goodwill.  Remove black and white necklace and replace with brown beaded one.

Dressing through a Flash

Flash hits!

Stand still in front of the fan…take off shoes….bracelet, watch and earrings…start makeup…stop

grab brown bracelet and find a pair of sandals…kick black Gladiators back into the closet…

OOTD 033

Change ring and watch…plug in curling iron…

Dressing through a Flash

Look into full length mirror and see a stuffed sausage….pull off shirt, skirt and kick off shoes, throw everything on top of hamper…

Go back into closet, look up…look left…pull down peasant mid-length dress, look down…find another pair of sandals from the Shoe Dept….

Dressing through a Flash  Pat forehead, hurry and try to quickly finish curling hair, which BTW won’t hold a curl…hurry hurry before another flash hits!

Complete makeup…look into closet to find another purse…turn off curling iron…

Check the mirror

Dressing through a Flash

Kick shoes out of the way…turn off the fan and leave bathroom

45 minutes late to work!

still hot