Jan 06

Top Jobs in Social Media for 2014

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Hello Friends & Happy New Year Monday

By now you’ve probably read a Business Report that listed some of the top jobs in Social Media for 2014.  If not, here’s a list of just a few:

  1. SEO Specialist
  2. Social Media Strategist
  3. Online Community Manager
  4. Social Media Marketing Manager
  5. Social Media Coordination
  6. Blogger

blog world

So what does that mean to you and I – it’s GOOD NEWS!!!  We may be in a position to write our own ticket if we stick to the 3-P’s:

  1. Passion
  2. Patience
  3. Perseverance

Blogging is no longer just a hobby for many nor is it a get-rich-scheme. Advertisers are looking to put their money somewhere – so why not with you and your blog?  

In order to monetize a blog not only do you have to stick with the 3-P’s, you also have to remember the 3-C’s:

  1. Content
  2. Communities
  3. Collaboration

No man is an island and neither is a blogger – we can’t survive alone. Our content must be great – ABC (Always Be Creating).  Advertisers are looking for blogs with good numbers, check your ratings, use analytics, email marketing, social media and keep current with your stats.

social media info

Share, comment, meet and greet and join a community – ABC (Always Be Creating). My experience has shown that bloggers are very willing to share their knowledge, we are all experts in our own niche.  Join a community like Sverve, be active, participate, hangout and share.  Respond to your comments and comment on other blogs, learn, read and stay current, it will help to increase your numbers. You don’t need to join every social media site out there, just pick one or two but be very active on them.

blogging congrats Collaborate, support each other, follow up don’t just comment and run, stay paired up and shared up. Blogging is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and the pot is big – envy and jealousy has no place!  “Congratulate ~ Don’t Hate” when others get opportunities, follow them to learn how they did it.


There is no magic bullet…no one size fits all or only one way way to monetize your blog.  Try out different methods – do what works best for you – mind your P’s and C’s but remember to have fun – everything else will fall into place.  

What have you done to successfully grow your blogging business?

Stay Blessed – No Stress in the New Year!










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  1. imagesbytdashfield

    Great tips! Stay warm and safe out there

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, you too, I deftintely am not looking forward to the low temps tonight.

  2. Pride in Photos Photography

    THis is indeed great news….thanks for sharing.

    1. DelBlogger

      You are welcome and I expect to see your writing your own ticket soon! Hope you are having a good Monday.

  3. dannadesigns

    Great post lovely. Thanks for sharing and have a very happy new year!

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you and to you as well.

  4. Kirsten

    Great advice thanks for sharing! ABC is awesome 🙂

    1. DelBlogger

      ABC – always be creating – I heard it on a webinar and thought it was a great way to describe a blog. Hope you are enjoying your day and are cooking up something good for dinner tonight!

  5. .MIS. Manhattan Image & Stylew

    Great tips!! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog sweetie! Let's be friends on Facebook if you wish! <3

    New Blog Post: Is Your Hair Cut The Right One For You?

    1. DelBlogger

      Done! Happy Fri-Yay!

  6. Alison Lumbatis

    Awesome post! As bloggers, we do all of the above. It’s the most fun “job” I’ve ever had!

    1. DelBlogger

      Yes it is, which makes it less of a job. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  7. Beauty Vancouver

    Excellent article Antionette! I like the new look of your blog too. 🙂

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, I contacted Katherine to do the redesign and I like it as well.

  8. mybookcushion

    Hi I was wondering what’s the difference between the social media strategist and social media marketing manager. Aren’t they both handling marketing plans? I’ve recently started a blog really thankful for this site (https://howtostartablogonline.co/) because I learned alot. I was planning on pursuing a career on social media, since I’m basically learning how to market my site in different social channels.

    Your response is really appreciated. thank you so much!

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