Jan 15

#YogaPantChallenge with Depend Active Fit

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Acorn Disclosure Now that hubby has completed his chemo treatments the time has come for both of us to get back into our regularly scheduled workout routine.  Last week we started getting up an hour earlier so that we can work out together before I head into work.  Our exercise routine is done in the basement and hubby starts by lifting light weights to help him regain his upper body strength and I start out by walking on the treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes to aid in my cardiovascular fitness as well as to prevent age-related bone loss.

stretching exercises

After 30 minutes hubby and I switch, he hits the treadmill but instead of weight lifting I do some stretching exercises using the Balance Ball.  I am not going to lie, but stretching has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated; however, I am not giving up because I have plans on signing up for an evening Yoga class in the Spring.  Working out with hubby is one thing, but before venturing out to a Yoga class with a room full of people I wanted to make sure that I could stretch and bend without showing off my Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit Briefs.

Depend can be purchased at Walmart

You may recall from this previous post in which I stated that the combination of childbirth, surgery and aging all had weakened my bladder.  But like most women, I strive to live my life uninterrupted especially when it comes to fitness and fashion which is why I only wear Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs for Women

I really like that Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs are smooth under my clothes; have a thin design for complete comfort; are made of cotton-like fabric; come in beige and black and if you haven’t already noticed they are Yoga Pant Approved

Depend Active Fit Briefs are Yoga Pant Approved


I always purchase my Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs for Women from Walmart so during a trip last week, I also picked up these yoga pants, top and a mat to keep me motivated and challenged to sticking with a workout routine.

Depend purchased at Walmart purchase Depend at Walmart

Now I have a challenge for you, take a look at both of the pictures below and see if you can tell which picture shows me in a pair of Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit Briefs and which picture shows me in a pair of regular underwear. 

Take the #yogapant challenge and enter your response to the contest below for a chance to win a Walmart activewear gift.

take the yoga pant challenge with Depend


Walmart Activewear Gift Sets


Disclosure:  I am being compensated for participating in this campaign, however, all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.  I am in no way affiliated with Depend and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. #yogapantchallenge!  



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  1. imagesbytdashfield

    They look exactly the same to me 🙂 ps. thanks for the coupons.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, enjoy decorating the house.

  2. Neti

    Looks the same and I am so happy to hear that your Hubs is done with all that drama. Kudos and Blessings to you both.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you sweetie – yes, prayer does work. Doing anything fun this weekend?

  3. Amila @ Leisure and Me

    You look very active in these pics.Nice yoga pants and look comfortable too…

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you Amila, I am hoping they will help me stay motivated. Enjoy the weekend my friend.

  4. staciesayzso

    Cute active wear! I’m trying to get into a workout routine as well. Yep, I can’t tell which is which either! #productreviewparty

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, perhaps we need to motivate each other virtually. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the weekend my friend.

  5. Louida (@MissLouMae)

    It looks the same to me. I just started working out again myself. Mr. M and I work out together 4 days a week. I love your activewear! I’ve been shopping for some now and you’re giving me great ideas. #ProductReviewParty

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, I hope to stick with a routine because waking up early is hard but I have to push myself in order to see results. Glad you and Mr. M are working out together as well, that is our best source of motivation. Hope you and the girls are having a wonderful weekend.

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