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Awesome Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe

Awesome Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe {Guest Post}

The article is contributed by CarpetCleaning Barnes

If you are looking to update your Spring wardrobe but not looking to spend a lot of money, instead of buying more clothes, just purchase a few accessories.   Adding awesome accessories to any outfit will make it look stylish and refreshed.

There are plenty of department stores with accessories which are very often on sale.  Invest in scarves, earrings and necklaces to add more class and attractiveness to your vision.  Here are just a few accessories you can use to update your wardrobe if you are on a budget.

Accessories for Guest Post

Courtesy Pinterest Polyvore

About a quarter of your wardrobe budget should be spent on accessories. The more accessories you have the less clothes you will need to buy. You can wear your favourite clothes and match them using different jewelry for a new look.

You will spend less time matching an accessory than trying to find clothes that match together. There are many accessories which are universal and can be combined with almost every outfit. If you have accessories in yellow, green, silver and gold, you can be sure that they can be matched with almost every clothing you wear. These colours are universal and will be the best choice no matter what clothes you choose to wear.

To stand out with your own unique personal style try wearing various types of accessories. Otherwise you can get lost in the crowd of similar dressed women who are all wearing the same branded and trendy clothes. Your shoes, earrings and jewellery makes you stand out and be unique.

Courtesy MaiTai's Picture Book

Courtesy MaiTai’s Picture Book

If you think your look is too plain you can just wrap a scarf around your neck and completely change your vision. You can use the scarf as a belt if you prefer, depending on the style of the clothes you wear. Bags and shoes can make your outfit look stylish and really change your appearance. You don’t have to follow the trend. It’s enough to choose accessories which look good on you and can be combined with many different clothes.

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Debbie Carol DIY Jewelry on Pinterest

Choose expensive-looking accessories to make your clothing look better if you are on a tight budget. There are many pieces of jewellery which look pricey but aren’t expensive. Choose things which don’t look too fake. You can cross a small bag around your body and wear some earrings which focus the attention. Instead of buying gemstones which are very expensive you can wear semiprecious stones. Don’t buy fake imitation of precious stones because they look cheap. There a plenty of accessories you can use to make your everyday appearance more interesting and stylish.

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  • Other than the earrings and bracelets I’ve rocked that first look 🙂

  • Super cute outfit. That necklace is everything! I love how that scarf is tied.

  • There is no doubt in my mind that accessories can make or break an outfit. I love all the accessories that were paired with the first outfit and also that scarf tied around the jeans waist is fab.

    On another note, I really hope you had an absolutely amazing Mommy’s Day, you are an incredible mother and I hope that you felt loved, cherished and celebrated on this special day.

    P.S. I see your ad on the right sidebar!!! Way to go girl, I see you! You look amazing, like you belong on a national ad campaign. So proud of you.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you Sweetpea…it was an alright Mother’s Day without Malik, but I did get plenty of rest and relaxation. Thank you, that campaign was wonderful and my post on it will be live on Monday.

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