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When Your Baby Turns 18!

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday!

Eighteen years ago today, I gave birth to my 2nd son, al-Malik Glorian Blake and now I sit here wondering – WHERE DID THE TIME GO????? 

People would often say, “cherish the moments because they go by fast”.  I remember when I just wanted him to sleep through the night…to learn how to walk…to learn how to talk…to learn how to feed himself…to be potty trained…to start school…to get his driver’s license and after all that happened…this is him today ~ an 18 year old mini man!


































Malik's Birth Day

The Day We Met

Malik at UD

Senior in High School

Friends on Freshman Football Field

First Formal Dance

Officially a licensed driver!

Border’s Book Signing with Spike Lee

Summers in Orlando – Cypress Harbour

Age 8

King of the Crab Legs

malik 9

Seafood Smile


malik's 8th

Birthday King at 8

malik at 7

Happy and Toothless at 7

malik at 6

Where did the time go?


Knock Knock…Who’s There?

keep calm and save the date 11 12 13

Knock… Knock…

 Who’s There?


Banana Who?


Who’s There?


Banana Who?


Who’s There?


Banana Who?


Who’s There?


Orange Who?

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana!

 I know that was corny but it popped into my head when I put on the orange belt. It’s amazing what you keep in your head from childhood!   Belt – Avon // Booties – Unlimited from The Shoe Dept Cowl neck top – Walmart // Skirt – JCPenney (clearance for $8.00)

What was your favorite “Knock Knock” joke?

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