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Friday Foodie Feature – Oxtail Stew

Hello Friends and Happy Fri-Yay!

This week’s Foodie Feature is Slow Cooked Oxtail Stew

Oxtails or tails of cattle is a very popular dish in *South Africa and this bony, gelatin-rich meat is usually slow-cooked.  In our Delaware home as soon as the weather cools Oxtails are definitely on the menu-of-must-haves and this is how I slow cook mine.  

 Unfortunately the cost of Oxtails in the grocery stores can be outrageous which is why I stalk Dutch Country Farmer’s Market to get them!


  • Oxtails 6-8 pieces
  • Vegetable Broth
  • Ground Ginger
  • Brown Sugar
  • Vegetables: Onions/Celery/Parsley/Carrots
  • Canned or Fresh Tomatoes – optional
  • Garlic fresh or minced
  • Oxtail Seasoning
  • Dry Beans or Lentils
  • Flour
  • Olive Oil

Put Oxtails into a plastic bag and pour in enough flour to coat, adding as little or as much of the Oxtail Seasoning, Ground Ginger and Brown Sugar according to your tastes.  Seal bag and rub all dry ingredients onto Oxtails.

Pour in just enough olive oil to cover bottom of a pan, heat on low and add coated Oxtails turning to brown on all sides.

In the meantime, chop and dice veggies

I also added a little Curry to the browning Oxtails, however, this is optional.

Remove browned Oxtails from the pan, then rinse the lentils or beans. Coat inside the Crock Pot with cooking spray for easier clean up.

Put in the Oxtails…

…add lentils or beans

…top with sliced and diced veggies

Tasti-Lee Tomatoes 028

Pour in 2 containers of broth or use water seasoned with Beef Bouillon Cubes – enough to cover all ingredients

Tasti-Lee Tomatoes 029

Cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 4 depending on your Crock Pot/Slow Cooker

I had to work late and none of my men took pictures so I don’t have the finished product, but trust me it was good!  You can add any vegetable or potato or omit the beans and serve over rice.  No matter how you make it, it’s oh so good and filling especially on a cold winter’s night!

What is your favorite Slow Cooked Stew?

* This post was written only a few hours before Mr. Mandela’s death

RIP “Giant for Justice”

mr mandela

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Funny Flea Market Finds

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday

I trust you all had an enjoyable weekend with an opportunity to be outdoors as it was simply gorgeous in our neck of the woods.  On Saturday, it was a bright, sunny 85 degrees, a perfectly glorious Indian Summer day.

I spent the day at Dutch Country Farmers Market trying to make a little extra cash, de-cluttering my nest trying to get rid of items that we no longer need, want or use anymore.  On the first Saturday of every month beginning in April and ending in November, you can rent 3 parking spaces for $15.00, to turn your trash into someone else’s treasure!

Yes...I sold a Mink Coat!  I wish PETA would!

Yes…I sold a Mink Coat! I wish PETA would!

A perfect fit, now she waits for the cold weather!

A perfect fit, now she waits for the cold weather!

I didn’t get much of a chance to walk around which is a good thing, because I didn’t want to spend my profits nor did I need to buy more stuff only to get rid of it later.

Trying to turn my trash into someone else's treasure!

Trying to turn my trash into someone else’s treasure!

You can find almost anything at a Flea Market, some things are usable others are just unusual, check out what had me scratching my head.  I tried to figure out the thought process going into making these purchases – what do you think?

Flea Market Saturday 008

I hope this didn’t come from a major intersection! where do you use these?

Okay…so where do you use these?

Happy Halloween My Pretties!

Perfect for the front porch to scare away the kiddies or put in the window to repel a thief!

Perfect for the front porch to scare away the kiddies or put in the window to repel a thief!

Family Fun for a Buck!

Family Fun for a Buck!

For Family Fun Game night, I can understand that, but Rummikub is an old game and there were missing pieces…even at a buck I didn’t understand this purchase.

Speaking of unusual, check out these cool modes of transportation.

Jazzier than a Hover Round

Jazzier than a Hover Round

Love a BMore Raven's Fan!

Love a BMore Raven’s Fan!

No need for speed here!

No need for speed here!

It was a long day but I made enough money to pay for groceries and was still able to donate 7 boxes of clothing and miscellaneous household items to Goodwill.

Flea Market Finds Are Fun!

Flea Market Finds Are Fun!

What is the funniest Flea Market find you’ve ever seen or purchased?







Flea Market Fun

Hello friends, I hope you had a wonderful Saturday, it was a beautiful day here in Delaware.

Once again, prayers going out to those affected by the tornado in Oklahoma City.

Today was the first Saturday of the month which meant only one thing, selling at the Dutch Country Farmers Flea Market.  It was a good day despite the intense sun rays that gave me a severe sunburn on my chest and back.  I sat under an umbrella most of the day but assisting and talking to customers was more than enough for those ultraviolet rays to do their damage!

Flea Market Fun 010

Wearing my Dollar Tree Dome

Flea Market Fun 013

Mark and Cleo, previous owners of The Java House Cafe’

Flea Market Fun 014

Flea Market Fun 015

Flea Market Fun 016 Jeanette, Flea Market Organizer

Flea Market Fun 019 Flea Market Fun 024 Flea Market Fun 026

Flea Market Fun 031 Paparazzi Jewelry – all pieces $5.00

Flea Market Fun 021

You never know what you can find at a Flea Market – what do you spot?

Flea Market Fun 017

Fun day at Flea Market Flea Market Fun 022 Flea Market Fun 011

sunburn1 Goodnight, I have a date with a bottle of Aloe Vera!