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Totally Thrifted Outfit from Goodwill

If you recall in a previous post in which I talked about de-cluttering my closets then you would have realized that I have more than one, as a matter of fact, I have racks of clothes in both the guest bedroom as well as in the basement.

I started de-cluttering the basement racks first and donated several boxes of items back to Goodwill most of which were initially thrifted and then I moved on to the guest bedroom closet.

  fashion after fifty

I still haven’t done my walk in closet, the one that I mentioned makes me nervous every time I open the door.  I am not in such a rush especially since I can put together an outfit from items for the other closets.  This outfit was actually saved from being donated, the multi-color top was in the basement and the green maxi skirt was in the guest bedroom and together they made an appearance on a cool crisp Autumn day.

The colors of the purse, purple and green was a perfect accessory for the outfit and it along with the necklace were also thrifted new from Goodwill.  Believe it or not, I haven’t been thrifting in several months simply because I don’t need anything, nor do I have any room on the racks!

sandals from Kmart

The tan wedge sandals weren’t thrifted, but were on sale at Kmart when I purchased them several years ago and they are very comfortable.  I also bought them in black but had to order them online as they didn’t carry them in the stores.  thrifed accessories from Goodwill

The weather is still up and down here in Delaware so next week’s outfit will feature the black cap sleeve dress which was perfect for the Bloggers Night at the Grub Burger Bar event that I attended on last Thursday.

outfit totally thrifted from Goodwill  Are you listening to my Podcasts on Sunday?  If not,  you should because they will be some Giveaway Promotions going on as we head into the new year.  Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger is every Sunday at 6 pm on Blog Talk Radio with AAU Teen Talk Radio.  

Which closet do you dread cleaning out the most, your clothes closet, the kid’s closet or the coat closet?

wedge sandals and maxi skirts


Would You Wear Walmart to the White House?

A few weeks ago hubby and I went to Wally World –aka- Walmart to pick up a few groceries but of course, we each stopped in the clothing section first and yes, we both put something in the cart other than milk, bread, and eggs. 

Hubby found a few shirts for Tayair to wear to work and I found a few skirts and tops for me to wear to work!

casual clothing from Walmart

I normally wear dresses to work but their Faded Glory skirts are 95% cotton making them great for the end of the season, perfect to wear on the hottest dog days of summer. 

They were also only $6.88, so together with the top the entire outfit was less than $10 and you know that made it perfect for my wallet!

clothing from Walmart

The long necklace was purchased from Avon and it comes with matching earrings which I didn’t wear, instead am wearing a pair of small gold hoops.  


The clutch was purchased last season from Kohl’s and was a good way to break up the blue.  The bracelet is from Old Navy and if I am not mistaken the watch was also purchased from Avon.

fashion after fifty

Gotta love these denim wedge sandals which I think worked well with this casual outfit from Walmart.  As a matter of fact, I was going to wear this outfit on our tour of The White House but instead wore the dress. 

super comfy sandals

What do you think would wearing Walmart to The White House be appropriate?


WIWW – OOTD Maxi Dress

Staying Cool in a Maxi Dress – WIWW


Top of the World Link Up Party


The heat is on and I need to stay cool so my go to style for these hot and humid days are maxi dresses with this one being one my favorites.  I like that the upper portion is solid red with the lower portion being a multi-color tie dye print.

Tie Dye Maxi 3.JPG6536

Tie Dye prints are another one of those classic fashion combinations as referenced in last week’s post.  The multi-color patterns created in tie dyed clothing is what makes and keeps them popular. 

what to wear in the summer

As a boomer who grew up in the 60’s, I am glad that this style is something that hasn’t gone out of style or died away like vinyl records, cassette tapes and 8-tracks – do you remembers those?


Speaking of 8-tracks tapes, I still have a box of them in the garage which once belonged to my uncle, and please don’t ask me why I am still holding onto them!

The red purse was purchased from Avon and the orange sandals I believe are from Old Navy.  The necklace and bracelet set is also from Avon.

I am enjoying the heat and humidity of the summer because I know that in less than 90-days we will be preparing for the winter of 2016!

keeping cool in a maxi dress

How are you keeping cool this summer?  

Head over to the TOP OF THE WORLD LINK UP PARTY and share your pics!

top of the world link up

Paris in Pink and a very busy week!

Wow, this week just flew by and yesterday was our son’s 24th birthday.  All I could think about was the day that he was actually born which was 3 month’s prematurely, and just how far he had come in those 24 years.

I am so proud to be his mother!

He also started his first day at Home Depot in Middletown, so he will be wearing his Home Depot orange apron and cap proudly.

  Tayair's Birthday Pic This week also flew by because it was filled with so many client activities. If you are following Sozo Signature Mobile Salon on Facebook you would have seen some awesome photos and videos of their #SozoSummer Ribbon Cutting and Kickoff held on Tuesday.

However, if you are not following Sozo Signature Mobile Salon on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, may I recommend that you do so, as there are going to be some amazing things happening soon.

Sozo FB Page

  Blake and the Bentley

Check out the following trailer video which was created just a few hours after the Ribbon Cutting held at the Courtyard Marriott UDel.  This makes me proud to be part of the #Sozo team.

Stay tuned for a blog post next week, but in the meantime, head over to my Facebook page to see the replay of the live stream vlogging.



Now on to the outfit which inspired the title of this post – Paris in Pink.

On casual Friday a few weeks ago I decided to break out this Paris in Pink top which was purchased from Ross and pair it with black jeggings from Walmart.

fashion after fifty

The purse is from Avon and the shoes were purchased several years ago from UrbanOg.

accessories from

I also switched up the shoes for this next shot, which are sandals from Avon, however, I decided to wear the pink ones.  What do you think, which pair would you have worn?

Shoes from Avon

For our son’s birthday, hubby ordered sugar free cupcakes which he ordered from Half Baked Patisserie and they were delicious!  Malik wasn’t too fond of the lack of sugar, but Tayair liked them as he is not overly fond of sweets.

birthday cupcakes

This is going to be a busy weekend, however, I am not going to complain because I prayed for the success of A.Blake Enterprises and God always answers prayers when asked in his name!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

casual Friday outfit


You Choose the Shoes Episode 2

Hello friends, I trust you have been enjoying these beautifully longer days and the nice warmer evenings.  I am so glad to be able to put away the tights and boots in exchange for the bare legs and sandals, so this week’s outfit was perfect for these two contenders.  

(Note at the time of this writing it was warm, however, Sunday there was a blast of cold and strong winter-like winds!)

peep toe beige Christian Siriano from Payless  If you have followed my advice and checked out a recent Avon Catalog then you would know that this dress and beige sandals are both Avon products – look out for an upcoming Avon Spring Fragrance Giveway coming soon!

shoes from Avon

I love the look of this outfit and am wearing it just as advertised in the Avon Catalog, hubby said it was too short to wear without the leggings but I am not sure if I totally agree.  

However, there’s nothing worse than trying to sit in a too short dress or skirt and having to pull it down to keep the thighs covered.  I have watched Wendy Williams try and fail at her many attempts.  

I am an Avon Representative

The necklace and matching bracelet are also from Avon – they have some of the nicest accessories and being a Rep keeps my profits low but my jewelry box full.

The Black Sandals are Christian Siriano for Payless and are also cute and comfy. #dontsleeponPayless

Christian Siriano

The White House Black Market purse was thrifted from Goodwill and can be worn as a clutch or as a Crossbody bag which I prefer when heading to work.  

Oh by the way, the leggings were also thrifted new from Goodwill.

thrifted from Goodwill

Thank you all for your comments and compliments on last month’s You Choose the Shoes episode, I am glad that you have enjoyed the series.  Speaking of which, the most popular shoe were the blue ones, even though it was almost a tie.

blue pumps were the favorites

Okay, now, which pair would you have worn with this Casual Friday outfit?

Avon Beige Sandals black sandals from Payless

  New Workshop date

You Pick the Purse 3

Hello friends and welcome to “You Pick the Purse 3” and in honor of this episode, I am featuring 3 different purses.  However, before we begin, let’s talk about the dress.  What’s not to love about a maxi dress in the summer?  It is definitely comfortable enough to wear towards the end of the summer especially when the temps were in the high 90’s not only in August but straight into early September. 

summer maxi dress


This is one of my favorite maxi dresses because it’s perfect to wear to work, church or out to dinner.  I decided to wear a pair of yellow sandals sold at Avon, yellow statement necklace purchased from Walmart #yesWalmart and a yellow cocktail ring. 

fashion for less

So take a look at each purse then leave a comment as to which one you would have chosen to wear with this maxi dress. 

purse from Avon

This first purse, also from Avon was chosen to match the sandals and other accessories.  The white purse was purchased from Rugged Wearhouse and I carried it when we went on vacation in June to the Dominican Republic which  loved it because I was able to carry a lot on board the plane. 

white purse from Rugged Wearhouse

The last purse is a black, crochet boho bag that I’ve had since forever and cannot remember where purchased! 

black crochet purse

I’ve knotted the top of this crochet boho bag but I do like that it has a long “handle”.  Okay, take a look at all three and let me know which one you like the best.

yellow purse from Avon

  black crochet purse white tote from rugged wearhouse

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill


Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

Slowly but surely I am pairing down my shoe collection as I didn’t wear as many of the summer sandals that I had in previous seasons. I wore far less than a dozen that I really liked including ballerina flats so I boxed up several pairs and donated them to our local Goodwill.

No, I didn’t buy any others to replace them but did realize that I had a pair of brand new sandals that were previously purchased that I hadn’t worn, so they will get a chance to be shoecasted this season!

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

As a matter of fact these beige sandals were purchased last winter and they were part of a bigger donation from Target. If you are a true blue Goodwill thrifter then you know that several retail stores, including Target often ship their out of season items to Goodwill where you can find them on their “Boutique” racks.

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

The dress is from Ross Dress for less and with the multiple colors throughout, I thought the sandals were a perfect match.  The heel may be a bit chunky but it’s a nice color coordination nevertheless, what do you think?

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

A simple pair of gold hoops, an oversized ring and my wooden watch from Jord completes the outfit. Oh, and this off white purse was also thrifted from Goodwill.

thrifted purse from goodwill

I always spray thrifted shoes with a disinfectant spray no matter if they are new or not, and as a matter of fact, I spray all shoes that I purchase because I never know who tried them on before me!

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

Are you ready to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn?

Afraid to wear white!

Afraid to wear white!

Some of you know from previous posts that I am afraid to wear all white..why…because it brings out the kid in me.  You know that kid who inevitably and by the end of day has spilled something on themselves while wearing an all white outfit. Plus it reminds me of when my sister, cousins and I got Baptized at Gospel Tabernacle Church in the 70’s!

Baptism pic

Anywho, I finally went through all of my closets and dresser drawers earlier this summer and got rid of a lot of clothes that were either too small or I hadn’t worn in years. I sold most of them for $1.00 a piece at my Yard Sales and the rest I donated to Goodwill and the Boys and Girls Club.

A pair of white linen pants are a summer wardrobe staple, but unless you want to look like a wrinkled mess in a few hours, I suggest you wear them when you’re not traveling in a car or plane for hours.

Because I love the black and white combination and polka dots are my favorite I chose to pair them with a sleeveless tank and black strap sandals.

scared to wear white

The polka dot purse was a great find at Family Dollar, and like I said before, “don’t sleep on the Dollar Stores” especially when it comes to accessories.

Dollar Store purse

When you just need to grab a purse and go on a casual Friday or weekend, this bag works.

Polka Dot purse

Do you have a fear of wearing white or am I the only one?

Polka Dot and White Friday

2 Tone Tuesday and the Weekend WrapUp

2 Tone Tuesday and the Weekend WrapUp

Hello friends, I hope all is well is your world. Today’s OOTD is entitled “2 Tone Tuesday” and it’s obvious as to why. However, not only are my shoes 2-tone but check out the necklace, albeit it’s not exactly a 2-tone necklace, there are two different necklaces.

2 Tone Tuesday 112

2 Tone Tuesday 121

This is something that I had never done before but had seen so many other fashionistas doing it, so I said, ‘hey, what the heck”, this is my version, so what do you think?

2 Tone Tuesday 118

The Peplum top and geometric skirt are both from JC Penney and I love pairing them together, I also have the Peplum top in green which you may remember when I wore it with this skirt last season.

2 Tone Tuesday 114

Did you have a nice weekend? Mine went by quickly, but I finally got the pool opened which took longer than expected.  Our neighbor’s tree fell into it during a June storm and it wasn’t removed until July 11th!

You need to check out my Instagram page to see how it went from being a slimy green mess to gorgeous crystal clear, use the hashtag #poolmaintenance to view the sequence.

Unfortunately, the pressure washer didn’t work so I couldn’t clean around it.  I just purchased it last year from Home Depot  so you know I will be contacting them for service or a replacement!


My son and I went to the New Castle County’s Dancing in the Park event on Saturday evening and it was packed with families, fun and lots of food trucks. I took a few videos and some pics so check out my Facebook page to see some of the dancing and food vendors. Dancing in the Park

Dancing in the Park

Hubby had an okay weekend, it was the first one after his chemo treatment. He is sensitive to cold and was a bit tired on Friday with muscle aches, but overall he is doing well.  I am extremely proud of him and how he is dealing with his health.

Chemo to Go

My youngest and I took over the yard work chores, mowing the lawn and trimming hedges, which made me realize just how much I am not going to miss it!  #Roadtrip to Retirement

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

I do hope that you enjoy the rest of your day and stay blessed…oh by the way don’t forget to check out the latest posts on Blogging With Blake

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Sleeveless in the Spring

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world!  As I sit here writing this post I am listening to The Friends of Distinction sing “Lonesome Mood” and it has really gotten me in some sorta mood – I love classic R&B, check it out and let me know how it makes you feel.

Last week as I was going through my closet looking for something to wear for the #JordWatch review, oh, by the way, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win, I came across this sleeveless dress.  I had totally forgotten about it but since it was 81 degrees and sunny I figured it was a perfect day to wear it.

Sleeveless Dress from Ross JORD Watch Review 017

The statement necklace was shown in a previous video and was purchased for $5 from Walmart #WearWalmart and the shoes were a gift from fellow blogger SandpaperKisses.

Sunny Spring Sunday

Sleeveless in the Spring

The CZ ring is from Avon and of course the watch is a Jord Wood watch, Ely in Maple.  Click on their side banner ad to see some of the other great styles of both men and women wood watches.


I hope your day is as beautiful as you!

DeDivahDeals Signature Floral