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The Friend Who Just Stands By

The Friend Who Just Stands By

When trouble comes your soul to try,

You love the friend who just “stands by”

Perhaps there’s nothing he can do;

The problem is strictly up to you.

For they are problems all your own

And pains the soul must tread alone.

There are times when love cannot smooth the road, nor friendship lift the heavy load

Just to know you have a friend who will stand by:

Or to have a warm hand, it helps, someway to pull you through; although there’s nothing he can do.

And so fervent heart you cry

God bless the Friend who Just Stands By

with love,

Miss Gloria Cross



The Drawer of Death

We all have one…yours may be in the shape of a box, a bag, an envelope or even a basket, but we all have a

Drawer of Death

Death Drawer Avi

Sunrise to Sunset

                           Gone too soon

Date of Birth

Date of Death

                           Suffered too long


In memory of

Who they leave behind

Pictures and Poems

                           Never said “goodbye”

Death Drawer 010

Family and friends

We all have a drawer

                          Death drawer

RIP Renee’

                         Added to the drawer

Rest in Peace Renee

I’ll always love and miss you!

                         Added to the death drawer

Death Drawer 011

Where is your Drawer of Death?

Between The Dash | How Will You Be Remembered?

Between the date you were born and the date you die

there is a dash

How Will You Be Remembered?




What do you want people to remember most about you?  

Were you kind and honest….trustworthy and forgiving?  

Did you spew hatred and untruths or did you speak with love and kindness.  

Were you a hard worker, a good friend, a fantastic lover?  

Let's Chat What will you be remembered for between the dash?