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Class of 2014 Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony for the Class of 2014 at Appoquinimink High School


Last evening was the Ring Ceremony, a high school tradition that started in….aah well I really don’t know when it started because in 1977 I got my ring in the mail!  Anywho, months ago when al-Malik and his father ordered his ring it fit, last night, not so much.  He has been working out like a maniac hoping to make next year’s Varsity Football team so everything including his fingers has bulked up.  It will need to be resized as did Tayair’s who’s finger size also increased, thank goodness Josten’s provides a lifetime of free adjustments.

The Ring Ceremony includes having 13 classmates turn your ring around once towards the thumb and then a close family member  turns it towards the pinkie, towards the heart to seal in good fortune.  Malik didn’t do this because the ring was too small and his finger would have swollen up like a sausage!

This is the last High School ring that we have to purchase and hopefully neither his nor his brother’s will end up in the Atlantic Ocean like mine did – that’s a story for another day but at least I still have my college ring which won’t even fit my pinkie!!

After receiving ring

After receiving ring

His 1st major piece of jewelry

Newly ringed

Turning of the ring

Too tight for his ring finger

Rushing to drive us home…

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