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Cocktails and Comedy

Last Friday night the 2016 Kaleidoscope DE Cancer Conference  kicked off with a Cocktails and Comedy Show at the Embassy Suites in Newark, Delaware.


Belynda Cleare, a member of the Kaleidoscope planning committee as well as a world renown comedian was the host and she along with 6 other comediennes entertained a packed crowd in a sold out house.

  Cocktails and Comedy show host Cocktails and Comedy show at Embassy Suites

Kaleidoscope DE Cancer Conference was the dream child of Nicolle Surratte and the Cocktails and Comedy show kickoff wasn’t simply a way to raise funds and awareness to women living with all types of cancer.  The Cocktails and Comedy Show was a way to get your laugh on with comics who are also cancer survivors. 

Cocktails and Comedy Show

There were no actual alcoholic “cocktails” served at the show, however, cancer meds and chemo treatments are often referred to as “cocktails” hence the play on words.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show and was glad that hubby was also able to attend as he too had a great time.  

Date night with hubby

Laughter is oftentimes the best medicine and because the comedians could laugh and share their cancer stories in a humorous manner made it easier for others to do so as well. 

Cocktails and Comedy at the Embassy Suites

Cocktails and Comedy show in Delaware september-2016-021

The comics for the evening were:

Evelyn Butts

host of Cocktails and Comedy

David Hiltner   Cocktails and Comedy

Norma Nelson 

Comedienne Norma Nelson

Phil Porter

Comic Phil Porter

Gayle “Miss Gayle” Barren 

Cocktails and Comedy

During the evening I posted several videos on my Facebook page and a lot of pictures to my Instagram page.  I highly recommend that you check out each of the comics either there or on YouTube as they are all hilarious!

The 2016 Kaleidoscope Cancer Conference is going to become an annual event in Delaware so make sure you follow along and don’t miss it in 2017. 

Next week I will share some of the highlights from this year’s conference as well as the presenters who came out to educate and empower cancer survivors, mind, body and spirit.

Miss Gayle Comedienne

If you would like more information, please feel free to reach out to Nicolle Surratte, CEO/Founder of NspireD who is also a 5 year cancer THRIVER – 610-812-9997 or


Cocktails and Comedy




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