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Meet Elaine S. Brown, Literary Author

Elaine S. Brown is a respected and enriching literary author. She has been requested by several book clubs and organizations to perform excerpts from her books with actors performing scenes from her novel and has done book signings at different book stores.

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Elaine “Cissy” Brown grew up on the east side of Wilmington, Delaware, during a time of national integration and peaceful demonstrations. She is an original Wilmington native and graduated from Howard High School in the late fifties. This is where she began to cultivate her artistic passion for the theater, singing, and writing. As a teenager in the fifties, she wrote songs and performed with a local musical group and the only female singing do-wop group called the Marquettes. They recorded a demo in Philly, but declined an offer to go to Oakland California to expand on their musical career and became a local celebrity.

Deciding not to go to Delaware State College, Elaine moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey to pursue her singing career. She performed with local jazz musicians. Elaine also became a commercial photographer and was very successful capturing cameo shots of great musician such as Cannonball Adderly, James Moody, Archie Shepp, Cecil McBee and Alice Coltrane, to name a few.

When her only child was born, she put her singing career on hold and concentrated on writing poetry and novels in earnest… Secret Songs of Sara, her first attempt, is still available in print and online. Who Took the G Out of Glademore, is the writers’ second published work of fiction, and Love, Sex and Lies in the Hi-Rise, and is her current novel.

Mixing music, theater, poetry, and a resurgent interest in ‘African-American history’ has garnered Ms. Brown a keen insight into a bygone era reminiscent of simpler times. Ms. Brown has captured an eclectic repertoire of experiences that transcend into her characters and a literary genius that can be felt in her novels. She is prepared to continue sharing her wealth of experiences with future generations.

Elaine said “writing her books was a literary journal and her followers were there with her as she continues to create with her forthcoming books.” 

Love Sex & Lies in the Hi-Rise

 “The warning on the pamphlet states, “If you experience an erection for more than four hours, contact your doctor.” Many old men have died with smiles on their faces.

Love, Sex, Lies in the High-Rise is a gusty, explicit, sexual story of seniors and the lifestyles they carried over to their late sixties, seventies, and some eighties. Most of the seniors in Franklin Mews chose not to sit back and live a life of self pity and loneliness but to embrace the opportunity to have another chance at love, lust, eroticism, and passion in their final years.

In Franklin Mews, a senior high-rise apartment building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two tenants—Duke Wilson, seventy-eight, who has an extensive collection of jazz vinyls from Satchmo to Brownie, and Cebee Walker, seventy-three—find romance and love after some forty-odd years.

“Kill it, kill it, kill it, Duke,” Cebee cried, making reference to his strokes as he thrust harder and harder, bringing her to an exhausting climax.

In the community room, some of Duke’s friends and other men sit and fabricate stories of days gone by. They were pimps, preachers, and alcoholics. Some never change; one of his friends still lives the thug life, and the other has an obsession for porno movies and freaky sex.

We find a bit of amusement when Cebee’s best friend, Sug, asks her for the second time to accompany her to the emergency room at the hospital for them to remove the vibrator that got stuck in her vagina.

There are many stories in Franklin Mews about the tenants that would shock you. Maybe not. But Love, Sex, Lies in the High-Rise adds a new meaning to “growing old gracefully.

Baby boomers, now the real spice of life begins. No inhibitions, no rules, no guilt, just a whirlwind of erotic pleasure waiting for you.”



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