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Goodwill Find

Today during my weekly Goodwill haul, I found these cute “CJDestiny Circa Joan and David” pumps for $7.97 from the Goodwill in Thorndale, PA.
They are so cute and comfortable!

I also found a few cute spring/summer dresses and tops, each for $3.50.


  • I also love Goodwill and their mission. That’s one of the things I like best about thrifting – usually, if you choose wisely, the stores that you patronize ALSO are promoting recycling, ditching the support of endless new,cheap but low quality goods everywhere while trading your dollars with a charity that helps others. Can’t get much better than that! Thanks for visiting and LIKING my fun, too.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Yes, Goodwill has been my favorite place to shop and donate since the late 80’s. I love working with them as well because of how they help others in all communities. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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