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Goodwill Goodies 2 ~ Shoes and Accessories

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  I was just going through the videos on my YouTube channel only to realize that Episode 2 of Goodwill Goodies was never published, so I wanted to pop in to let you know that is now up and live.  I thrifted some great belts, shoes and jewelry and gave a tip on disinfecting shoes.  I also wanted to announce that starting in April, I will be writing a monthly Guest Post for the Goodwillde blog so make sure to follow it, that way you can keep up with my “5 for under $25” Goodwill hauls.

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Thank you all for supporting me and my blog as well as subscribing to my YouTube channel – I now have 100 subbies – woohoo!!  Enjoy the weekend and have fun, see ya on Sunday for Brunch with Blake!

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  • You are killing it with the social media…and I never find goodies at the GW like you do.

  • Goddesslily says:

    I’ve only search our local Goodwill’s when i’m doing DYI projects and i’m looking for items I can take apart and rebuild. Congratulations on on YouTube. What ever you do, don’t become a partner with Fullscreen, I signed a 2yrs contract and they’re taking over half of my profits, I can’t get out until 30 days before my contract renews. I’m heading over to follow you now! I should say I never get wordpress comments so if you respond, it won’t come via email for some reason.

  • renxkyoko says:

    Cool stuff ! I’ve been to Goodwill , but didn’t get to buy anything ( oh, wait, a ligh bluet faux leather purs for $2 )I guess I wasn’t lucky that day.

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