Fashion and Fun after Fifty Personalized Holiday Cards

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Hello Friends and Happy Sunday, I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep!

 Now we can talk about the holidays?

My grandmother loved to write and send out greeting cards, she would buy them for every holiday and special occasion. Each year she would send a Christmas card to her more than 20 grands and 40 great grandchildren, I still have boxes of them in storage.

Beginning in November, as soon as the holiday season began her first purchase would be for Christmas cards and they would be written and addressed before Thanksgiving. She loved writing little notes inside and did it every year up until 2008, when she could no longer after becoming bedridden. That year, I bought the cards and helped her write and address them and it was also the last time because she passed away in May 2009, at the age of 98.

One year we took a family picture that included her and put a copy of it into each of the cards and she absolutely loved it. I have often regretted that it didn’t become an annual tradition because it would have been nice for her grands and great-grandchildren to have those pictures today. is an online stationary company that provides consumers the opportunity to create their own uniquely designed photo holiday cards. I wish I had of known about when my grandmother was still alive because I would have definitely ordered cards from them to send out to our family and friends.


If you are like me, you only keep the personalized photo cards and recycle the others so getting a card from, would definitely be a keeper. Many of you have wonderful photography skills and these luxurious holiday cards are fully customizable to include your favorite family photo with a personalized greeting.

You can choose to use one photo or pick one of their multi photo cards to showcase all your family pictures. To further enhance your photos, all of the holiday cards are available in your choice of thick Signature paper, 100% recycled Premium paper, or on Pearlescent paper.

Excellent customer service will assist with any questions you may have including help with downloading your family photos. With Address Assistant your recipient’s address can be printed on your envelopes at no additional charge giving them an even more elegant look.

This year I am going to do a family portrait because I have a feeling that my sons will be out and about doing their own thing soon, and I don’t want to miss out on yet another opportunity to create a special card.

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  • Lynette Oliver says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories about Christmas. My mom also has sent out cards every year since I was a little girl. My sister and I would always help her address those Christmas cards every year as well. Now I have kept up the tradition of sending out Christmas cards or New Year’s cards every years myself … and I still help my mom with her cards.

  • Sheila says:

    I may check out this site because like your grandmother I enjoy sending cards to close family and friends. I use to print my own but due to finical hardships this is really no longer an option for me, and well the ones that you purchase in the stores these days are just so generic and I always like adding just a small personal touch or saying to reflect the individual to whom the card is being sent. So thank you for sharing this information.

    • Sheila, I know what you mean, there is always an aunt, friend or neighbor who deserves a personalized card and I love to send them as well – carrying on the tradition. Hope you have a fantastic day!

  • Olivia Lane says:

    I like to send handmade cards but usually by the 5th card I break down and buy a box. LOL!

  • I love Minted!! They have awesome cards. I need to start thinking about the cards I will have this season.

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