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Have you had the “don’t digitally do” talk with your young adult yet?

laptop with your're hired This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal URLs that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Don’t Do Anything That I Wouldn’t Do!”

Did your parents ever say that to you when you were growing up just before heading out the door? My grandmother may have said it to me once or twice, but I’ve never had to say it to my sons, however, I did text them, “don’t post anything online that you wouldn’t want me to see!” 

It’s a different world with a social media dominance of texting, liking, pinning and posting being an everyday occurrence. But what happens if a young adult posts something today that is deemed inappropriate later only to have it come back to haunt them when they are looking for a job?

As a parent of 2 sons in college, I feel that it’s my duty to help them navigate the digital world just as I did when they were toddlers navigating the real world. I have talked to them about the importance of keeping a good online image because potential employers will definitely be checking their digital footprints.

laptop and college kids

Malik worked a few weeks at Amazon during his summer break which gave him a little taste of what it’s like to have a job as well as the satisfaction of bringing home a paycheck. However, as a Business major at Bowie State University he also understands the importance of having more than just a resume when it comes time to seek a career after graduation.  Having a personal website now will give him control of his online image into the future.

studying in a dorm room

Domain.ME is a domain name provider. You can register a .ME domain from any number of registrars, which will help you create a unique identity online with a URL ending in .ME. 

A survey conducted in the US between June 11th and July 9th by Domain.ME of over 300 HR professionals clearly showed that the likelihood of job offers is greater if the college graduate had a website.

These findings were interesting to say the least because we all know that most employers Google potential candidates, especially recent college grads just entering the workforce.

Domain.ME published an ebook which contains all the data from the study, which you can read here, but these 3 facts really caught my attention.

  • 67% of HR professionals survey claimed that a personal website provides more insight than a resume alone.

  • Over the next five years, the recruitment process is going to be more reliant on online content and information than ever.

  • 60% think that a personal website make a positive, professional impression.

laptop and smartphonesp and your digital footprint

Now, I don’t expect Malik to run out and start his own blog like me, but as his mother who is a blogger I will emphasis the importance of personal branding and how it can affect his future job searches. I want to educate him on ways in which he can stand out from the rest of the crowd. It would be wonderful if upon graduation a recruiter offered him a job right on the spot, but that may not happen even if he’s wearing a #HireMe tee!

hire me tshirt

As parents we want our children to become successful adults as they transition into the professional world, and with options like .ME domains, creating a memorable domain name to go with your website will help to make that transition easier.  

You can download the FREE ebook to learn more about the study by clicking here.  

Have you had the “don’t digitally do” talk with your young adult yet?

free ebook for job seekers


  • Your online image definitely is important to your image. Always very important 🙂

  • It amazes me what some people post online and then complain about later when things go awry.

  • Macy says:

    I had no idea that .me websites existed. That is a wonderful idea to secure your own online footprint and name.

  • Watching our digital footprint is so important! My son is very young (just six months), but I appreciate this post because it makes me think about how I am going to raise him. I want to ensure he is safe in today’s online world. I can only imagine what looking for a job will look like in 20 years, but I hope your sons have great success with the site you mentioned.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Heather, thank you. I can’t imagine where we will be in the digital world twenty years from now, but it’s nice to know that there are options to Facebook, Twitter and of course My Space – lol Good luck with you son.

  • Thanks for the tips! I had no idea that dot me domains actually exist. Confession: I am one of those that post a lot of trash online (Facebook), but I never complain about it when things go wrong. I guess I have learned my lessons. Thanks

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      You are welcome and I only recently learned about Domain.ME, however, always knew about the .ME extension. It’s a great idea to give college students an outlet to post positive stuff because like you said, sometimes it’s fun just to post trash on FB or Twitter.

  • Watching what you say or do online is important. My boss found out about my blog and now has been following it, good thing I don’t post things I would be ashamed of now and later down the road. Also when it comes to being a mom blogger I watch what I say or do when it comes to my girls because I don’t want my blog to affect them in the future. Once my girls starts getting on the internet I’ll be sharing these tips with them.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      That’s good, I always tell co-workers about my blog but just as I teach, I never post anything job related nor take pictures inside my office as my blog and my job should remain separate. Your girls are definitely learning from the best with regards to online activity.

  • Hi, I think that the more help we can give young people in learning about using technology in a way that is beneficial to them the better. I had a phonecall from my niece a few weeks ago who was desperately upset because she had read something her cousin nhad written about her online. I had lost sight of just how different her world is from the one I grew up in. Now she is frightened to build her own website but I shall email her a link to this article

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Lucette, that is terrible, I can only imagine how your niece feels to have been betrayed by her own cousin. Hopefully, this will give her the incentive to understand that there is more to life than what someone else says or doesn’t say about them – it is more important in what you say about yourself. Good luck to all.

  • Margo says:

    Job seeking is SO different now than it was just 5 years ago. Almost everything is done online, and it is difficult to get in front of those that are actually hiring. I see the value of creating an online presence, and I think I will follow your advice for myself as well as pass this on to my children and grandchildren. I appreciate this post. Thanks.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you Margo, and yes, I agree that it is much harder than it was just 5 years ago, heck it’s harder than the last time I applied for a job in 1983. however, it’s very important to take control of your digital footprint, and I appreciate you passing along this info to the kids and grands.

  • swood97 says:

    Parenting does now include cyber advice, doesn’t it! I wonder if background checks now include an internet search. I was not familiar with the .me site.

  • Cole says:

    It’s crazy how important having a professional image online is now when it comes to finding a job. Even in college my professors really pushed things like having your own website and Twitter, and I was surprised by how many young people didn’t have these things.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Yes, it is, which is why we need to make sure they understand the importance of having a positive digital footprint…as we are all learning the true power of the internest.

  • I always tell my children the same thing. It’s so easy to post something that might be funny for a few minutes only to be embarrassed by it later. I have a daughter and a son in their 20’s and this is something that I have always drilled into them. I will have to tell them about this!

  • tara8910 says:

    I never thought of using the internet as a sort of “resume.” These are all fantastic tips that I hope to teach my children sooner rather than later!

  • Karin Rambo says:

    Interesting! I had never heard of this company before! I have connections at the university I went to… I’ll have to pass this along!

  • It is amazing how much of a “digital footprint” we leave, even unintentionally. Thanks for the reminder!

  • It’s such a different world now with social media and the internet It opens up so many opportunities, but it poses so many dangers, too. Thanks for these reminders!

  • Quite interesting !!! I was not aware of this. Those for this grat post to educate me on digital footprints.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you, as a recent discovery myself, I thought it was a great way to keep control of your digital footprint, especially since postings on FB/Twitter and the like do not sum up the entire person.

  • Helen says:

    Very interesting. Something I wasn’t at all aware of, and as much as I like to think I am not too much of a dinosaur when it comes to the Internet, there’s so much out there! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Estrella says:

    I do think younger people don’t really think about what they put online or send to friends or how it might affect them in the future. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  • I always learn something from you! I am going to be sharing this with my son who is in college! (hugs)

  • People get too brave behind a keyboard but it is important to remember, never post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see! Times really are changing. It’s hard to keep up but with kids, it’s important.

  • All so true! I just recently allowed my teenager to venture into the online world of social media and we have had many talks about what’s okay to share and what’s not.

  • Sarah@TheOrthodoxMama says:

    My children are young right now, but am already nervous about what the world of social media will be like when they are older. Definitely something to pray about and develop a strategy for now while they are still little.

  • rosadoodle says:

    Very important information. Please will check your sites so be careful what you post.

  • YES! I tell the students at church all the time to think before you post! Even in snapchat, when it “goes away” after so many seconds… it’s out there. I’m waiting on the day to hear of a story of one of my youth who has a stupid high school post come back to haunt them! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “I’m SO GLAD we did not have social media when I as in high school and college!!!”

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      oh Beth you and me both! It is very difficult for the younger generation with social media being their primary way of communicating. We just have to keep emphasizing the importance of being careful in what they post online and hope they take heed.

  • Gina says:

    Your digital footprint is very important, for sure.

  • Pierced Wonderings says:

    Interesting. I’m not sure how many companies are actually looking at things like personal websites & such, particularly when they have multiple candidates for a position (I know that in my industry, a polished resume is the gold standard & we don’t much look at other things). I have though had the digital responsibility discussion with the young people in my realm of influence. So many people do so many stupid things online. *sigh*!

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      I assume it depends on the agency or employer, I just hope they don’t just Google their FB/Twitter pages as it may not give a potential employer a true picture of the candidate.

  • Dawn says:

    I can definitely see how an online presence can be an asset for someone looking for a job. Even if the recruiter isn’t googling applicants, just the process of putting a site together can be a nice addition to a resume.

  • staciesayzso says:

    I need to start talking with my youngest about this. I just heard someone say that if you have a blog to add it to your resume! Everyone wants to see what kind of person you really are.

  • Kristin @ Biblical Wives Book Club says:

    I love that you’ve likened this to the “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” lecture we all got as kids. The way I’ve always tried to censor what I put online is the mantra “would I want my grandmother to see this?” (And since she’s been on facebook for years, that’s pretty easy to remember!)

  • How interesting!! I absolutely see the value in paying attention to what one posts on social media, etc., but I did not know about the trend for businesses wanting students to have personal webpages. That is interesting. Thanks!!

  • Marie says:

    It is so important to talk with kids about digital responsibility! My six-year-old uses online “games” at school and as part of his homework. It starts very early and children need to understand how much their entire online presence (good and bad) can affect them throughout their lives and careers.

  • charmedmom says:

    The resume is very essential as it represents us. A good online portfolio is as important as well. Our online presence especially in social media should be felt in a positive manner which is encouraging, inspiring and motivating to others and not the opposite.

  • Interesting! I hadn’t heard of this before. I do think that our digital appearance does affect our careers though so one must be careful with what they post online!

  • my babes are still young but it scares me having to have this conversation! as someone who used to work in HR, i used to do my research on potential candidates by scouring the internet to see their digital footprint. this is a great and useful post!

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you “thecrunchymommy” – by the way, love that name. I know what you mean, because telling tweens and teens to be safe online goes in one ear and out the other; they think they know everything!

  • LizZ H. says:

    It’s scary to think that we are in an age where, if you do something it will be out there for the world to see FOREVER…gone are my days of messing up and only being reminded of it by parents or joking friends..

  • It’s going to be a whole different world when my babies enter the workforce. I’m not sure what to expect. I do know that having a positive online presence will be HUGE!

    This was a great read!

  • Wonderful tips for anyone who’s going to use social media: tweens, teens, etc. Kids forget and and don’t realize that what they post gets checked by perspective employers and colleges.

  • Michelle says:

    I have small children so we aren’t quite there on this subject yet, but I do know it is so important. There is a definite disconnect for people these days between what we would do in public, and what we feel is okay to post online.

  • We’ll definitely have a talk about managing your online image and making good choices when our little guy (now eleven months) is older. It’s really important to take it seriously!

  • Leila says: is actually pretty neat! I love having a website all me because I can share my history in that rather than a one page resume. I feel that a resume is too restricting but a webpage is just right!

  • satrntgr says:

    What great tips!! Looking out for our kids is so important!! I’ve never heard of this company before, but will definitely check them out!

  • April G says:

    I’ve never heard of this site, but I love how you are passing along the idea of personal branding to your child.

  • so sad that we have to monitor what the kids are doing online these days

  • Great post! I believe too that your online brand better match the real you brand:) I have found when I have met other bloggers in person who they are online doesn’t match you I see in front of me. So, be true to who you are when your branding; people love genuine people I promise. #commentathon

  • Dani Chapman says:

    This is such great advice for any parent. It doesn’t matter how young or old your children are, they need to be aware of themselves when they are on the internet!

  • Neti says:

    Very important stuff here my Sista. I warn my Nieces about their Facebook & Instagram page all the time.

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