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1st Tri Caterers ~ Friday Foodie Feature

Hello friends and welcome to the first Fri-Yay of Autumn and the last Fri-Yay of the month…wow…where did September and the Summer go?

In honor of these two events today’s Friday Foodie Feature will not be one of my recipes, instead it’s an introduction to foods created by Chef David of 1st Tri Caterers.

1st Tri Caterers is a family owned and operated business in New Castle, DE that also sells the best carry out dinners every other Friday and their motto, “We get it Right on the 1st Tri” couldn’t be more accurate.

1st Tri Caterers

chef david Chef David has been cooking for over 25 years, starting out first as a dishwasher and then moving onward and upward specializing in American and French Cuisine. Having prepared foods for President Obama and Vice President Biden, Chef David has also received rave reviews in the Taste of Wilmington for over 3 years and winning 1st Prize in the Taste of Wilmington Cook-off Contest.

Chef David a vegan himself is very health conscience, however, he knows how to satisfy his client’s palates with large portions of flavorful foods, including chicken, fish, shrimp, Moroccan Stew, Kale Salads, Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon with Crab and the best Ginger Lemonade I’ve ever tasted.  Chef David is a seasonal cook who buys local so be sure to call for the latest menu offerings.

Having been in operation for only two years, thanks to word of mouth from customers and the support from his employer, The Sheraton Hotel, business is booming.  Together with his wife Tammy, this blessed couple is creating a legacy for their family that I’m sure will continue to be successful.

Chef David and Tammy - Family Legacy

If you wish to purchase a take out dinner, make sure to call or order online by Wednesday, and delivery to the local New Castle area is also available.

1st Tri Catering can prepare meals for 2 to 350 people, so if you want to have an intimate dinner for two on Valentine’s Day or your Anniversary, be sure to call Chef David at 1st Tri Caterers, he will make your day extra special.

Sampler dinner - portion sized to feed 2


1st Tri Caterers on Facebook 

65 Chesterfield Drive, New Castle, DE  302-660-6310

Hours of operation: Friday – 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



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1st Year Blogiversary


February 9th is the 1st year Blogiversary of DeDivahDeals!


champagne bottle

I began my journey on with this post (here) …BORING…a single picture of two bottles of Sally Hansen nail polish and 3 packs of Salon effects clearly marked for clearance from Walgreens…no descriptions…nothing…comments…none…just crickets – oh what a difference a year makes.

The first post to receive a comment and a “like was 40 days later, “Goodwill Deals – Gucci from the 90’s” from Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications and my girlfriend Wanda, that stroked my ego so I continued purchasing and posting.

As time progressed I read and learned more and found my niche, but more importantly I realized the most rewarding aspect of blogging was the interaction between great virtual friends and followers.

In your own way, each of you have touched my heart and filled a void in such a glorious way that I could never truly express how I feel, so please accept my heart felt THANK YOU…a SMOOCH…and this big ole bag of MONEY…spend it wisely!


thank you



bucket of money


Savory Wing Dings and Things – Best Wings in Town

A few weeks ago my son and I stopped at Savory Wing Dings and things in the Cricklewood Shopping Center.  Established in Middletown, 1 year ago July they advertise as having the “best wings in town” – were they…for my money, yes, they were!  Normally we don’t eat fried foods but every once in a while when we want wings we’ll order from the same local shops in Middletown or Glasgow.  That has now changed because of the 6 piece Sweet and Spicy Garlic and the 6 piece Cajun wings, both of which were “eat the meat to the bone” good!  Fried hard but still savory and just the right size, unlike some wings that are either too skimpy or look like they are on steroids.  The shop features daily lunch specials and Boneless Bonanza Wednesday, cheese steaks, burgers, wraps, fries and a list of other side dishes, I want to try the Savory Rice on my next visit.

The shop is spacious with ample room for a large crowd, like after a High School football game or on a Saturday ordering take out after a long day of shopping.  A flat screen TV is mounted in the ceiling and sports signs litter the walls.  The featured “666 Hell on Earth”, is a contest al la “Man vs Food” where 25 have gone but only 3 have returned, check out the winner’s red-eye pictures on the wall. The contest rules and online menu can be found at

The next time you are in the mood for some good chicken wings stop by Savory Wing Dings and things your taste buds will thank you.

Flea Market Finds

One of the best things about going to a Flea Market is finding different and unique items not sold in stores.  At Flea Markets you can mostly find used household items and mass produced knickknacks, jewelry and clothing.  However, there are occasions when you come across unique and original hand made items. “Design-A-Can” is a kisok owned and operated by Lolita, a friend from high school.  In her kiosk she carries mass produced items, but she also sells hand sewn bottle and can covers.  Last week she had completely sold out the can covers and was filling the display cases with these cute bottle covers.  They are individually hand sewn dresses that are made to cover a normal size bottle of dish washing liquid.   How cute are they, there wouldn’t be a need to hide your soap under the sink with it wearing one of these dresses.

The dress covers are individual and unique sewn in fabric that would appeal to anyone including people of different political parties.   She also sells President Obama T-Shirts, sunglasses, caps and key chains; Breast Cancer Awareness items; children’s toys, and games; scarves and hair accessories, a little something for everyone.   If sports is more of your interest she has pillows and blankets with NFL, NHL, and NBA logos.   However, one of the cutest items I saw was the “Sunday Church Hat” hair clips which can also be worn as a scarf or lapel pin.  She doesn’t make these herself but they would be perfect accessories to jazz up a suit, or hat when attending church or special family gathering.

If you are planning a special event like a birthday party, a Bridal Shower, a Super Bowl or Sports party, or even Fraternity/Sorority gathering, Lolita will accept special orders and create a unique item to make it an even more memorable.  Design-A-Can kiosk is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, so if you are in Dover go to Spencer’s Bazaar and check her out or let me know and I’ll contact her for you.

Friday at the Flea Market

Last Friday Tayair and I went to Spence’s Bazaar to walk around as well as to see a friend of mine who has a small shop inside one of the buildings.  I didn’t buy anything except a few rings and bracelets but it was fun walking around, seeing odd items including a juke box and a wooden sled.

It was a beautiful end-of-summer day made more so because it was spent with my oldest son

I hadn’t seen a juke box since the last time watching an episode of “Happy Days

After we left the Flea Market I took Tayair to see where I had lived during high school and my first apartment during my college years, both places were vacant!

Our day ended at Papa Johns, Tayair’s favorite food is pizza.  You can tell by looking at him that he had just as much fun with his mom as I did with my son.  It was truly a great day for the both of us, despite it being the anniversary of my sister’s death.