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Sunset at Silver Lake in a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited

Thank you Drive Shop and Hyundai for giving me an opportunity to test drive this 2017 Elantra Limited.

You may recall last month hubby and I attended the Wilmington High School Class of 1974 White Party and you may also remember seeing these pictures either on my Facebook page or from this previous post.

hubby and I at all white party

However, what you did not see, was the “Chariot” in which we rode in to attend this gala.  It was late in the evening so I didn’t take any pictures but as you can see, it was a beautiful 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited.  Sunday evening we decided to drive down to Silver Lake in Middletown to watch the sun set.

Sunset at Silver Lake

I have always loved the smooth ride of a Hyundai and the color Phantom Black reminded me of my own 2005 Hyundai Sonata which I still miss to this day. 

Vehicle Review

However, back then these new vehicles didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles which now come as standard features.  There were many features that I simply loved and very few which I didn’t like but below is a list of my top five favorites.

Toni’s Top 5 Favs

  1. Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System
  2. Duel Automatic Temperature Control
  3. Proximity Key with Push Button Start and Hands-free Smart Trunk
  4. Power Driver’s Seat with Lumbar Support
  5. Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-traffic Alert

However, there were two features that I think needed to be included :

  • Power outlets/USB Charger should be standard the rear seat console
  • Passenger Seat should be power controlled

Otherwise, with the 32 MPG fuel economy it is definitely great vehicle for my daily commute as well as for tooling around town.  The standard and added features on this model was listed at a total MSRP of $27,710.00.

Delaware Blogger and an Elantra

Both hubby and I enjoyed driving the all new Hyundai 2017 Elantra Limited around town and into the city of Wilmington. 

Also, as an “old married couple” who recently celebrated their 26th Wedding Anniversary, we also liked just sitting inside, listening to Jazz with the sunroof open watching the sun set over Silver Lake. #boomers

Hyundai Elantra and the Delaware Blogger

Take a look at this video, then leave a comment as to which which feature you liked best.

My Day with a Chevy Silverado

Last week as I was heading into work my little “Bloggy Buggy” started acting strangely and knowing that she was in no condition to make the hour and a half commute I drove directly to Diver Chevrolet in Wilmington. What I had anticipated to be some minor adjustments turned into a full two-day recall repair.

However, this minor setback did give me an opportunity to drive a new Chevy Silverado and man oh man, what a great vehicle. First of all, I drove in with the smallest Chevy, the tiny blue Spark and drove out with the largest loaner available the Silverado. To say I was wee bit nervous would be an understatement because the last large vehicle I drove was a mini van when the boys were young. However, once I adjusted the seats and mirrors then drove it for about and hour I was in 7th heaven. My Chevy Silverado loaner

It’s amazing the type of respect you get from other drivers on the road with a vehicle of this size as opposed to my tiny “toy car’. The interior was comfy and roomy enough to seat 8, and the SiriusXM Satellite Radio sound system was awesome, I was jamming to Jazz all the way to work!

Seating in Chevy Silverado Roomy Chevy Silverado Dashboard of Silverado backseat of Chevy Silverado

The back up camera was so cool that when I got home, hubby and I drove up and down the driveway several times just because! This truck was by far a much more comfortable and smooth ride that I’ve ever experienced and surprisingly it wan’t too bad on gas mileage either.

Backup Camera Chevy Silverado Review

However, the next day I did exchange it for the Chevy Cruze which was the vehicle that my son originally wanted.  On 95 in rush hour traffic I need to be able to maneuver a little bit more and I didn’t want to risk running over anyone with a large truck – just kidding (lol).

Chevy Cruze Chevy Cruze

Thanks Diver Cherolet, for not only servicing my car and letting me have two different loaners but for also having the best Valets in the state – those guys are great!  See ya next month for an oil change!

Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado for a Day