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You Choose the Shoes – Week 20

Hello friends,


I hope all is well in your world.  I am slowly but surely getting adjusted to having only one son at home with Malik now away at college.  He seems to be doing well, last week I received a few text messages and 1 phone call!  I can now fully appreciate the “call your mom” statement.


Thank you all for the votes last week, it was a close race but the winner squeaked by and it was the NO Bow Dollhouse beige wedges.



This week you will be choosing between high and low, as in flats versus heels.

YCTS #19 003

Heels vs Flats

These gorgeous heels were actually given to me from fellow blogger, Nout over at SandpaperKisses and when I saw them I was blown away in love!  If you get a chance go over to her place and show her some bloggy love – she is just too adorable!

YCTS #19 027


Not only were these shoes a perfect fit, but the platform in the front made them uber comfortable.  Now they may not seem as comfortable as a their contenders, these well-worn pair of color block flats purchased from CitiTrends.

YCTS #19 022

These ballerina flats are also very comfy, but for only a short period of time.  I need arch support so I find wearing flats for long period of time uncomfortable.  

How about you, can you wear flats without discomfort?

YCTS #20

So are you ready to choose?  Which will it be, the flats or…

YCTS #19 016

…the heels?  But of course before you make the final decision, take a look at them solo.

YCTS #19 008 YCTS #19 014

Are you ready to submit your choice?

flats vs heels

Flats with the skirt for a comfy casual look

YCTS #20

Or heels for a dressier look?

Leave your comments below, then come on over to Whitney’s Place and check out her Personal Style Link Up feature.

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



Blues Brothers Tuesday OOTD

Shop for Natural, Colorful Dresses at Shecloth

Hello friends,

you’ve seen this outfit before because it’s one of my favorites but today I am wearing it with a different pair of shoes and I threw on these cheapie sunnies just for fun.

Blues Brothers Sunnies

JCPenney has the best pencil skirts in their Worthington collection and their clearance sales are always on point.  The two tone wedges were purchased as part of the haul.

Colorblock shoes from

An activewear t-shirt from Walmart completes the outfit.  Canvas Chevron Purse is Avon/Mark and the necklace with matching bracelet is from Payless.

Purse from Avon/Mark Necklace and bracelet - Payless

These Blues Brothers sunnies were in the giveaway Swag Bag, from the @CrowdTap #DOAC event I attended in June.

Me and my Bloggy Buggy

My Bloggy Buggy also got a @Crowdtap #DOAC giveaway – car magnet

Relaxing at work Mid-afternoon break at work in my normal sunglasses.  You gotta love that the bench also matches my outfit – lol

In what ways do you change up your favorite outfit?

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!