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You Pick the Purse 2

You Pick the Purse 2

Hubby’s 3rd chemo treatment last month was his worse, especially the days immediately following the Thursday shot, he had sore muscles, headaches and insomnia. However, after several restless nights he was finally able to get a good night’s sleep which meant he felt well enough to get up the next morning with me and offered to take a few pictures.

This photo shoot didn’t last long and I tried not to have too many retakes, but as you can tell by my smile which was in response to his, it was a good day! (Ice Cube voice).

You Pick the Purse

Instead of featuring a You Choose the Shoes episode which takes longer to shoot, I decided to do another episode of You Pick the Purse.

You Pick the Purse

This maxi skirt from Boscov’s is one of my favorites because of all of the vibrant colors. The green sleeveless tank was thrifted from Goodwill.

Maxi Monday with Hubby 011

This first purse is from Walmart #yesWalmart and I also picked up one in the black, white and grey combination of colors.

Maxi Monday with Hubby 003

This second purse/clutch was also thrifted from Goodwill and it’s a rattan fabric with colors that compliment the skirt, what do you think?  

By the way, if you haven’t done so already, check out the new design of as well as read my posts on the blog.

Maxi Monday with Hubby 006

So what do you think? With the wood and bead accessories and beige open toe wedges, which purse would you have worn with this outfit?

Maxi Monday with Hubby 002

Maxi Monday with Hubby 010

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as hubby goes through this. God/Allah has all the power and soon this too shall pass leaving him stronger and healthier and back where he should be…have a mah-vah-lous day!

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MidWeek Boho Chic

Midweek BohoChic

If there is one style that never seems to go out of style that would be Boho Chic.

MidWeek Boho Chic

Made popular in the 60s and 70s, when Afros, Dashikis, block parties, outdoor concerts and free love was all the rage, this comfy casual look was perfect for the times. Now that we boomers have grown and matured, we still love the free spirit style of this casual attire. Generation X Y and Millennials are also loving Boho Chic so we can all expect it to be around for quite a long time.

MidWeek Boho Chic

The tie dye maxi skirt has been in my closet for years, I believe it was a purchase from Ross Dress for Less. This time I chose to wear it with a thrifted sleeveless tank, other times I have also worn it belted.

MidWeek Boho Chic

Accessories that include an oversize ring, wooden multi color bangles, wooden watch, wood heels sandals and necklace along with a sloppy ‘boho bag’ completes the Boho Chic look.

Do you have a favorite Boho Chic outfit?  

If you can find tie dye clothing, make it yourself!

tie dye diy

You Choose the Shoes – Season 2 ~ Week 7

Hello friends and welcome to another week of “You Choose the Shoes”  I didn’t pull out all of my spring and summer shoes last weekend, but I did add to the collection, so look out for some new contenders.  In the meantime, let’s check out these oldies but goodies.

YCTS Week 7 Avi

It’s another week of peep toe versus closed toe, and speaking of toes, hubby gave me a gift card to Sunlight Salon so soon I’ll be getting my seasonal pedicure!

You Choose the Shoes

I kinda like these “granny boot” peep toes and the color can be worn with a lot of different outfits, however, I chose to go with this neutral color skirt from Spiegel.

You choose the shoes Of course, snakeskin is also considered a neutral color and it should be treated as such.  Now that I am looking at all the accessories, I’m thinking…”what was I thinking…”

You choose the shoes

Hubby was messing with me on this Monday morning, as you can see from the next picture.

You choose the shoes outtakes

Okay, so which one did you choose, the peep toes from Kmart or the Snakeskin from Target?

You choose the shoes outtakes

See I told you…and thank you all for voting in last week’s contest…the winner was…

Winner Week 6

Have you started wearing your summer sandals?  

I hope your day is as beautiful as you!

BTW, have you checked out my new blog –


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I Got it @Goodwill | End of the Season OOTD

Hello Friends and Happy Goodwill Wednesday!

I wore this end-of-the-season outfit in March, but with all the activity at the end of the month I didn’t get a chance to post it. This is officially the last of the winter wardrobe pics because today it’s going to be 70 degrees…time for a pedicure because the boots have been put away!

I Got it @Goodwill

Everything was thrifted from Goodwill at different times and from different locations so it was fun putting it all together.

I got it @Goodwill OOTD

Even though I wore a short sleeve blouse, there was still a slight chill in the air so I opted to wear the brown suede jacket which was also thrifted.

Thrifted belt

Of the entire thrifted outfit, I like this unique thick belt the best, what do you think?

Thrifted Boots

Remember how excited I was to finally find a pair of Riding Boots, and to find them new at Goodwill for only $18.99 was awesome.  The hooks on the back gave them an edgier look which made it a better thrifted find.

Totally Thrifted from Goodwill

Totally Thrifted from Goodwill

Now it’s time to go through my closets and purge items that I did not wear last season or were much too tight thanks to menopausal weight gain or perhaps too much winter wine.  Anywho, whatever I find will be re-donated back to Goodwill which is the best part of thrifting.  

Today I’m linking up with one of my favorite thriftinistas over at ColorBlind and then I’ll swing by to see DC Goodwill Fashionista so if you get a chance, come on over and check out their thrifty finds.  

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!


I Got it @Goodwill

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

Last weekend we finally got a break in the cold winter weather with temperatures rising above 50 degrees, it felt almost summer like after all that freezing snow.  In celebration of the warm weekend I decided to wear this bright yellow twin-set sweater to church on Sunday – whew, that’s a mouthful!

I paired the thrifted sweater set with yet another thrifted find, a brown striped skirt.

Thrifted Sweater Set and Skirt

These Romance Soles kitten heel pumps were another fantastic thrifted find and if you remember, I also got them in Navy Blue.  This was the last post in which I wore them (click here).

Necklace - Rugged Wearhouse

The beaded necklace was a clearance purchase from Rugged Wearhouse for ($1.00) – #winning

Warm Day 6

This Rosetti purse was not thrifted, however, it was purchased from a Flea Market vendor in Florida for less than $20.00.

Rosetti Purse - Flea Market Find

So what do you think about this week’s “I Got It @Goodwill” totally thrifted outfit (minus the accessories)?

Almost totally thrifted OOTD


Today I am linking up with my  FABU thriftinistas Whitney Nic James, and Shana over at ColorBlind, who kindly chose me Thrifters Anonymous Member of the  Week.  

Thrifters Anonymous Member of the Week

Thrifters Anonymous Member of the Week

DC Goodwill Fashionista chose me as last week’s Friday Fashionista – YOU LADIES ROCK – I FEEL SO LOVED!!!

Friday Fashionista-Thank you DC Goodwill Fashionista

Fashionista Friday: Antoinette’s Goodwill-bargains


Don’t forget Friday is Goodwill’s 2014 Runway Show

I am so excited!!!

Goodwill Runway Show tickets poster

Be Blessed – No Stress in 2014!



Walking Dead Monday Blues

Hello Friends and Happy Monday

Today is Columbus Day so most schools and Federal offices are closed, unfortunately I am no longer in school nor do I work for the Federal Government so I had to go to work.  Fortunately, without the school buses and heavy traffic the drive in wasn’t too bad, but I’m sure it won’t be the same heading home.

Oh well, at least it’s not raining – Happy Blue Monday!

Last night before the season’s premier of The Walking Dead I was able to press out a lot of clothes including  my outfits for the week.  Today’s Dressing for Less outfit is dedicated to The Walking Dead because I feel like a zombie after staying up to watch The Talking Dead, then 2 episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

In case you are wondering…I slept like a baby because horror doesn’t bother me which is why October if my favorite month for television watching, especially Halloween night.  My all time favorite horror movie is the original 1968, black and white version of Night of the Living Dead…a classic…”Barbara, they are coming to get you!”

Are you a fan(atic) of  The Walking Dead if so, what did think of  last night’s premier – too much too soon?  Why did they have to kill off  Greg from #EverybodyHatesChris ?  Yuck, he coughed that virus into the communal water basin..uh oh!  Twitter was blowing up last night with all kinds of theories, this is going to be a roller coaster season!

OOTD 10 14 13 004OOTD 10 14 13 008

These shoes definitely don’t have me walking like a Zombie!  If you are looking for fashionable yet comfortable pumps – contact your Avon Rep or check out my Avon website because these shoes are SUPER COMFORTABLE! 

OOTD 10 14 13 009OOTD 10 14 13 011

Purse is also Avon (mark)

OOTD 10 14 13 013

Sleeveless Shift dress was thrifted from Goodwill and George Sweater from Walmart.

OOTD 10 14 13 018

OOTD 10 14 13 021

Are you a fan of horror movies, and if so, what is your all time favorite?