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Good Day Philadelphia Drives To Wilmington

Good Day Philadelphia Drives to Wilmington

Last Friday, the morning crew of Good Day Philadelphia were in Wilmington as part of the Good Day Drives You Mazda Campaign. The event was held at the H.B. Dupont Plaza on 11th and Delaware Avenues and it was a steamy 81 degrees by 8:00 a.m.

Fox 29 rides into Wilmington

Before heading out I turned to Fox29 Philadelphia to watch a few of the early morning interviews including one with Mayor Dennis Williams and his reaction to the Dallas shootings at the #BlackLivesMatter peaceful protest.

Although it was a hot and humid morning, the smiles and positive vibes kept us all cool, at least until noon at which time I had to head out for work. I was there in support of The Women’s Business Center which was just one of the local businesses being featured on live TV.

Women in Business in Wilmington

Jessica Gibson, Program Director of The Women’s Business Center at First State Community Loan Fund was interviewed along with two of their small business success stories, Lolah Soul Jewelry and Evangelina’s Vegan Desserts.

I’ve been working with The Women’s Business Center for several months now and have received wonderful assistance, guidance and excellent business counseling as ABlake Enterprises has gotten off the ground.

The Women's Business Center

I along with several other women business owners have forged a bond of strong support and sisterhood so it was only natural for us to come together in support of Jessica and have a few minutes of fame on live TV.

met sue Serio from Fox 29 Philly

as seen on Fox29

There were several other businesses along the perimeter of the park and a few of those who were also being featured included The Brunch Box and Kapow Food Trucks, The Delaware 87ers, Drop Squad Kitchen, Bright Spot Urban Garden and most appropriately My Cooling

Fox 29 Philly in Wilmington

Please click on the following link to see each of the individual videos then check my Instagram page for more pics and a Flipgram video.

Fox 29 Philly in Wilmington Fox 29 Philly in Wilmington Fox 29 Philly in Wilmington


It was definitely a fun filled day of camaraderie and happiness if only for a few hours on what could have been a dismal start to a depressing weekend given the recent violence around the world.

Fox 29 Philly was in Wilmington Dunkin Donuts gave away samples Fox 29 in Wilmington Fox 29 in Wilmington Fox 29 was in Wilmington Fox 29 in Wilmington, Delaware Wilmington Blue Rocks Mascot Fox 29 Philly vendors in Wilmington vendors in Wilmington cooling off with Rita's Water Ice WBC in Wilmington

Fox 29 Philly in Wilmington


Stay safe and stay blessed my friends.