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Hello friends and welcome to the weekend!

Today is my 53rd Birthday and later on I will be celebrating it with my hubby and son with a dinner down at the Christiana Riverfront.

birthday balloons

In the meantime, I thought I would post a few summer outfits that didn’t quite make it to the blog.  However, if you follow me on Instagram you might remember seeing some of them in a “Fashion after Fifty” post.

BLACK & GOLD black and gold 2

You know how much I love black and white polka dots, so with this outfit I accented it with gold accessories.  Both the top and pants are thrifted, the purse is quite old as are the sandals.  The bracelet was purchased at the QVC Outlet in Frazer, PA, Avon watch and the ring is from Old Navy.

summer sequins 1

summer sequins 2

This was another Casual Friday with white jeans and sequins top which I had never worn during the day, but hey, YOLO and I’m over 50!  The purse was found at Charmingly Linda’s Consignment Shop in West Chester, PA and the studded sandals are staples in my closet.

Shoespie 1 year Anniversary Sale, Big Discount From 9.17th-9.16th, Focus Us! PINK LACE

This was another fun outfit, with the pink lace top, pink gingham shoes from Rugged Wearhouse and multi-color purse from Ross.  I chose to anchor the outfit with a black pencil skirt.


And finally my all time favorite outfit of the season, mixing brown and blue with a studded top thrifted from Goodwill, faux Jimmy Choo purse and multiple bangles from Old Navy.  The faux Snakeskin pumps from Target are a pair of my favorite pumps so they will be worn a lot this fall.

So what do you think, not bad for an old lady huh…?

53 birthday

Which outfit do you like best?  

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



Not Officially Named Hog Heaven Thrift Shop

Who doesn’t love a good Vintage Thrift Shop?
Everytime I see a sign for one, I immediately think of Macklemore and this song.
You all know that I am a self proclaimed Goodwill frugal fashionista and I also enjoy visiting Consignment Shops however, this was my first time at a locally owned thrift shop.  “Not officially named, Hog Heaven“, recently opened and it’s less than a mile from my job but with all the bad winter weather, I never ventured out at lunch to check it out.
That changed 2 weeks ago and I am glad that I finally ventured out.  This Thrift Shop is two floors of Estate Goods at Yard Sale prices, and it just might turn into a bi-weekly outing because they get “new” stuff in all the time.
  Thrift Shop

Not offically named Hog Heaven” which by the way is what they call it because they haven’t officially named it, is located on 510 Lancaster Avenue, Frazer PA and is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10-6.  The thrift shop is so new that I had to add it to my Foursquare check in.

Upon entering this cash only shop I was immediately transported back to my “Cousin Bessie’s” house in Port Chester, NY.  It’s like walking into your grandma’s or auntie’s living room and parlor.  You remember the rooms that you were not allowed to enter because of all the glass knick knacks.

As a small child you couldn’t help but be amazed as your senses were overwhelmed by the colorful candy dishes, pictures, pottery, dolls, cups with saucers and an array of bric-a’-brac displayed throughout the room


Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop This shop is truly a thrifter’s paradise and as we “oohed and aahed” looking at the little trinkets on display I couldn’t keep from laughing with the thought that I too have several similar pieces at home, just not enough to open my own thrift shop. (hubby might disagree).

The living room and parlor contained so many vintage items that it brought back fond memories of my childhood growing up, there was even a scrubbing board.  The lovely shopkeeper, Donna was such a pleasant person and she introduced us to Ms. Lilly Langtry, a transplant from Jersey!

Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop
I only purchased a few few mason jars for an upcoming DIY, but I’ll definitely be back in search of patio decorations as well as to simply enjoy a few moments of nostalgia.
Mason Jars for a DIY
Do you enjoy thrift shops, if so, what do you look for?
Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop Hog Heaven Vintage Shop
Hog Heaven Vintage Shop
Hog Heaven Vintage Shop
What were you favorite vintage pieces?

Shellac -vs – Gel Manicures

A few weeks ago it was reported and obviously rebuked by nail technicians that Gel Manicures pose a health risk, that the process of using UV Rays to set the gel can cause skin cancer.  But what about Shellac Manicures, do they pose the same risks because the setting method is the same?  There are many pros and cons for each including this one, (here), but you have to judge for yourself.

I’ve had both and personally prefer The Shellac for several reasons, the process is quicker; the length under the UV light is shorter and last but not least, it’s cheaper!

Yesterday during my lunch break I went to Nail Paradise in the Frazer Shopping Center, where I received a Shellac manicure by Lisa, a very pleasant nail technician.  There were so many pretty bright colors from which to chose but I selected this Midnight Blue, what do you think?


Have you had a Shellac or Gel Manicure – if so, which do you prefer?

Nail Technician

Lisa, the Nail Technician, was very pleasant and I enjoyed my “quick pamper”.

Frazer Shopping Center

Nail Paradise, 490 Lancaster Pike, Frazer Shopping Center, Frazer, PA  610-647-4181

Shellac Manicure

Have a fantabulous weekend – Smooches!

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