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Noontime Nap @ A Sleep Number Store

Noontime Nap @ A Sleep Number Store 

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. Hubby and I fight every night…no not literally, well maybe…but actually it’s about the comfort level of our bed. He is always cold and I am a cover kicker – thank you MENopause! He also suffers from insomnia so every time he gets up, I wake up, causing for a very drowsy morning.

Sleep Number Store in Exton Mall


I know we need a new mattress as our current one is over 10 years old but sometimes trying to find something to satisfy us both can be time consuming and costly, but I had enough. Last week I used my lunch hour and headed over to the Sleep Number store in the Exton Square Mall for a “Noontime Nap”, and it felt good. I didn’t literally fall asleep, even though I could have because the comfort level of their i8, it was enough to put me out for at least a few minutes.

Noontime Nap at Sleep Number Store

The i8 dual-layer is designed so that you can personalize your comfort. The temperature balancing is great allowing each one to sleep just right. The exclusive SLEEP NUMBER® technology makes it the perfect solution for couples…hey this just may save our 25 year old marriage – or at least provide us with a good night’s sleep for the next 10!

i8 mattress


Sleep Number stores also carry a large selection of bedding, so whether you are in the market for a new mattress or perhaps just want a noontime nap, head over to your local Sleep Number store and try out a mattress, I guarantee it will give you a few minutes of soft slumber.

Bedding at Sleep Number Store
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