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Stuff The Turkey Not Your Wallet

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 Hello friends, if you are into saving money like I know you are, your key ring is probably filled with discount and rewards cards.  Not only is it awkward and sometimes embarrassing when you’re fumbling at the register but it can also be bad for your car’s ignition.

The weight of the cards pulling down your key while it’s in the ignition can cause problems over the long run.  This can cancel out any savings you may have received from the cards because you might have a costly car repair!

too many rewards cards on keyring

I also have a wallet jam packed with discount and rewards cards, so many that I refuse to change out my wallet because it takes too much time.  Luckily, I found an app that will eliminate the need to carry these cards on my key ring or in my wallet.

This Android and iPhone app is appropriately called “KeyRing and it is totally FREE with some awesome extra benefits.

rewards cards in the wallet

Simply scan the card’s barcode, snap a pic front and back which is optional and then it’s loaded and ready for you to show it at the register.  It also alerts you to nearby deals which is great because there’s no need to cut out paper coupons or get upset that you leave them at home- yay!

BTW – give the kids or grandkids something to do and let them snap the pics of the cards!

Here’s how it’s described on the Keyring app home page:

“Saving is simple when deals and coupons are instantly redeemable from your mobile device. Thousands of exclusive deals from over 13,000 brands and retailers are constantly refreshed and at your fingertips. Deals and coupons from nearby retailers are organized by category and always conveniently available, making it easy for you to save money on the go”

“Carry the weekly sales of over 170 retailers with you to the store. The sales circulars you usually find in bulky newspapers are now conveniently available on your phone. Browse weekly sales, add items to your shopping list, and set reminders. You’ll never miss a good deal again.”

“Create and customize shopping lists to take with you on the go. Include coupons and weekly sales to make sure you’re getting the best price for the items on your shopping list. Take photos of items on your list. Share lists with friends and family members so that multiple people can add and check-off items in one place.”

Keyring app

If you are old skool like me and are afraid of losing the data, just make a copy of the cards in case you need to reload them onto a new Smartphone.

Hurry up and download this app today because it’s going to help you with your shopping and saving this season!

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



Holiday Shopping with Target Cartwheel Saves You More Money


Hello friends and welcome to Money Monday.

If you are off from work today due to the Columbus Day holiday, you’ll probably be hitting the stores in search of some great bargains.  In case one of those stores is Target make sure to load up your Cartwheel before loading up your cart.

If you don’t know about Cartwheel, you can read more about it here, then download the free mobile app because it will help you to save even more money on your in-store purchases at Target.

Cartwheel App

Cartwheel is an app on your Smartphone where you can select offers after signing into your Facebook account then going to the Cartwheel website via their Facebook page. (select “visit website”) or just sign in with your own Facebook account directly on the Cartwheel website.

Cartwheel App 002

Tap to add the discounts that you’ll be using, then show your phone with the SCANShow barcode to the cashier at checkout.  The great thing about using Cartwheel is that there are discounts in each department from clothing to groceries and there’s no need to cut coupons or wait days to get a gift card refund.  You can use Cartwheel and stack it with other coupons, sales as well as your debit or credit REDcard for even more savings.    Try it – you’ll Like it!


 Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!