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Toilet Seat Covers For Your Face | Money Saving Beauty Tips

Hello Friends and Happy Fri-Yay!

This is an old post but I think it’s worth repeating, especially as the weather warms.

If your face is naturally oily or perhaps you get that “afternoon glow” on your T-Zone, here’s a money-saving tip: don’t spend your money on store-bought cosmetic blotters, just grab a toilet seat cover and make your own.

Toilet seat covers

Cut the toilet seat covers into squares

If you are out and have to use a public restroom, grab a few of those toilet seat covers.  When you get home cut them into small squares which you can then store in a small plastic sandwich bag, or envelope to keep in your purse or makeup bag.

homemade blotting cloths blotting your t-zone

Afternoon Glow?

blotting cloths save money by making your own blotting cloths

Now you have your own home-made (FREE) blotting cloths.

What are some of your money saving beauty tips?

I hope to see you again this evening at 6:00 for the #WWDParty!

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Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!