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What the “L” is Ello and why can’t I get invited?

Have you seen the posts on Facebook about this new social media networking site called “Ello“? It’s supposed to be anti-Facebook which is an Ello icon oxymoron since most of the invites are from Facebook users.


Anti-Facebook – why, because they don’t sell ads and they don’t sell your information…at least not yet which if I am not mistaken is how Facebook started.

Anywho, I applied weeks ago and still haven’t received  an invitation, which reminds me of the early days of Pinterest.   I also applied for an account and never received an invite, then one day poof, it was opened up to the world.  Now if a blog post doesn’t have a pinnable pic it won’t get read.  WHO KNEW?

It’s not like I need another social media networking site to join, after all, I am still trying to naviagate (click here for an invitation).

However, as an instructor of Social Media for Small Businesses, it would help if I knew something about Ello, so please somebody invite me before my next training session – thank you very much!
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