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WIWW – OOTD Maxi Dress

Staying Cool in a Maxi Dress – WIWW


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The heat is on and I need to stay cool so my go to style for these hot and humid days are maxi dresses with this one being one my favorites.  I like that the upper portion is solid red with the lower portion being a multi-color tie dye print.

Tie Dye Maxi 3.JPG6536

Tie Dye prints are another one of those classic fashion combinations as referenced in last week’s post.  The multi-color patterns created in tie dyed clothing is what makes and keeps them popular. 

what to wear in the summer

As a boomer who grew up in the 60’s, I am glad that this style is something that hasn’t gone out of style or died away like vinyl records, cassette tapes and 8-tracks – do you remembers those?


Speaking of 8-tracks tapes, I still have a box of them in the garage which once belonged to my uncle, and please don’t ask me why I am still holding onto them!

The red purse was purchased from Avon and the orange sandals I believe are from Old Navy.  The necklace and bracelet set is also from Avon.

I am enjoying the heat and humidity of the summer because I know that in less than 90-days we will be preparing for the winter of 2016!

keeping cool in a maxi dress

How are you keeping cool this summer?  

Head over to the TOP OF THE WORLD LINK UP PARTY and share your pics!

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Easter Tie Dye DIY

To all of my Christian Friends

Happy Good Friday and have a Blessed Easter Sunday.


This weekend many moms and perhaps even a few dads will have their kids in the kitchen dyeing eggs for Easter.  They will then be hidden (and hopefully found) throughout the house or outdoors in celebration of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  


I have always loved watching the White House Easter Egg Hunts on television, and often wished my sons and I could have attended one while President Obama was in the White House…oh well, this is the last one for he, the FLOTUS and the girls.


White house Easter Egg hunts

President Obama at the White House Easter Egg Roll


However, my sons were much too old for the Easter Egg Hunts during the Obama Presidency.  As a matter of fact this year we will be on the road Easter Sunday taking Malik back to Bowie as his Spring Break is officially over today!  #bummer


If you don’t have toddlers but do have teens or tweens that would prefer to tie dye clothing, and not eggs, here’s a post that I wrote in 2012.  It would be a perfect DIY for the Easter weekend or anytime you want to up-fashion a simple summer tshirt.


Tye Die DIY ingredients

I used a package of Tulip Fabric Dye, which in 2012 was $2.37 at Walmart but I am not sure how much it is today.  

1/4 cup of salt; wooden stick, aluminum pan from the Dollar Store and a gallon of boiled water.

soak the tshirt in the dye for an hour

I followed the directions on the package, however, I did not stir it for an hour, I just made sure the shirt was total submerged and then let it sit for an hour.

I wrapped rubber bands around for the other shirt and placed it in the pan for only 30 mins.  Place a plastic table cloth or garbage bags underneath the pan before filling it just in case there’s any spillage.

use rubber bands to create a cracked look

I rinsed both shirts in cool to warm water, dunking them both until the water was mostly clear.  You can also take them outside and use a garden hose which might make the task easier and quicker.

rinse tshirt in cold water

how to make a tie dye shirt

rinse in cold water until it runs clear

Using a free sample of Shout Color Catcher I washed the tshirts on a quick cycle in cold water, no detergents.

Shout Color Catcher

Free sample of Shout Color Catcher included a coupon for .55 off

use one sheet of Color Catcher in the dryer

Just 1 sheet of the Color Catcher absorbed the excess dye.hang t-shirt indoors or out to dry

Hang to dry indoors or out and it’s ready to wear.  Depending on the look you want to achieve you can add accessories such as a belt, scarf or statement necklace to dress it up.

how to accessorize a t-shirt

how to accessorize a t-shirt with a scarf

summer clothing

Do you remember the tie-dye fads of the 60s?  

Would this be something your kids/grands would enjoy doing together?

how to dye an Easter egg


You Choose the Shoes Week 19 | Bye Bye Birdie

Hello friends,

before we begin this week’s contest please hand me a tissue and then let’s do a group hug…because today is the day that my little birdie leaves the nest!  

bird's nest

Yes, we are enroute to Bowie State University where he will be living for the next 4 years, and hopefully only 4!  Where did the time go?  I still remember his first day of school like it was just yesterday! Over 2,000 Unique and Exciting Toys for Children of All Ages! Click here!
Malik's 1st day of school 1999

Oh well, on the flip side, it’s one less mouth to feed and another closet to store my shoes…speaking of which – welcome to Week 19 of “You Choose the Shoes“.  

Thank you all for voting last week, but I had a feeling that the Montego Bay slides were not going to win – they were just a bit too busy.  So congratulations to “Lady in Red“.

winner of week 18  

This weeks contenders are very similar in style and you will be choosing between shoes with a bow and a pair without a bow.

Bow or no Bow Shoe

If memory serves me well these wedges, one pair Dollhouse and the other Bamboo were purchased at either Ross or Rugged Wearhouse.  Today with them I am wearing a tie dye maxi skirt from Marshalls and a thrifted top and belt from Goodwill.

Bow or no Bow Shoe

The no-bow pair, has juke rope around the bottom and are very comfortable.

no bow

The straps are adjustable and the color is neutral enough to be worn with many outfits.

You Choose the Shoes

The ‘bow‘ pair are also very comfortable, faux suede and neutral in color, however, the straps are not adjustable.

You Choose the Shoes

 Okay, have you made a decision?  Will it be the “bow” pair

You Choose the Shoes

or the “no bow pair”?

You Choose the Shoes

Before you vote, take a look at them solo

Bow or No Bow Bow or No Bow

 Leave a comment below, then head over to Karen’s place at MrsLookingGood to check out my bio which she highlights in her Up Close and Personal Feature.   

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!


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Rit Dye DIY


Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.

Do you remember wearing tie dye clothing in elementary and junior high school?  I used to love this DIY craft but it always seemed so messy and time consuming.  I’m not sure if the Rit Dye products have changed or that I just have more patience, either way, it’s not hard to do.

The hardest part was finding an article of clothing that I wanted to dye!  I signed up to attend the Radiant Orchid Summer party so in preparation I wanted to have something to wear in radiant purple.  I purchased a summer tank and canvas slip-on sneakers at Kmart and turned them from cotton white to a tie dye purple which came out really nice.

Rit Dye DIY

  Add 1/2 cup of salt and a few squirts of dishwashing liquid to help fabric absorb dye.

Rit Dye DIY

Heat water to boiling.  Dampen shirt with warm water then twist and wrap with rubber bands.

Rit Dye DIY


Pour boiled water into a tub, add package of Rit Dye, salt and dishwashing liquid then stir gently to dissolve.  Make sure to cover your work surface with a plastic covering, I used a Dollar Tree tablecloth.


Put shirt into tub of water and allow to soak for at least 30 minutes, the longer you keep it in the darker the color will be.

allow to soak

For the canvas sneakers, I used a paint brush to cover the rubber sides with Vaseline to prevent dye from staining.

use vaseline around the soles

Use painters tape or masking tape which probably would have been better to add a stripe or patterns to the sneakers.

stuff bags into shoes

Use a sponge brush to lightly paint the canvas, you can go over it several times to make it darker, just take your time.

use rubber gloves

Rit Dye DIY

After soaking the shirt for the desired amount of time, carefully discard water, I poured mine into the toilet and immediately flushed to prevent staining.

rinse until water runs clear

Rinse shirt in cold water until it runs clear or take it outside and use a garden hose to rinse.  I kept pouring my water into the toilet because it was late.

rinse in cold water

clean up tip

Wash in cold water using same color or old towels and two sheets of Shout Color Catchers.

Rit Dye DIY

While waiting for the shirt to wash, I added a little ‘Bling’ to the back of the sneakers using E6000 glue.

Rit Dye DIY

I hung the shirt to dry and wore it the next day to the #RadiantOrchidSummer party which you can read about here

Rit Dye DIY Rit Dye DIY

Rit Dye DIY

Rit Dye DIY


Let's Chat

Let’s Chat: Do you like Tie Dye clothing?


Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!


A Radiant Orchid Summer Party

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend an outdoor Garden Party hosted by Kim of Design + Life + Kids in West Chester, PA.  The theme of the party was “A Radiant Orchid Summer” and the sponsors really pulled out all stops with their Swag Bag (Bucket) Giveaways.




Bing —— Calligraphy print and Bing Ads + Bing Rewards coupon codes

CasabellaClean  —— Orange bucket

RitDye  —— 2 bottles of liquid dye

ZokuHQ  —— Slush/shake maker and ice ball molds

QuirkBooks  —— Craft / recipe books

WhippedBakeshop  —— Ombre cookies

PanacheBox  —— Pearl necklace and discount code

TheBouqs  —— $10 Gift Card Code

WeAreDreamFarm  —— Jot and Tapi

@elizab0623 (instagram only)  —— Arbonne samples

sponsor giveaway

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a good time snacking on tasty treats, enjoying a signature cocktail from the Brandywine Valley Brewing Collective and taking pictures which were posted to our Social Media networks as entries into the various giveaways.  Kim was the perfect hostess, she made us all feel welcomed and comfortable at her home which only enhanced the day.

fabulous food and beverages

fun fotos for giveaway entry

The fun really began when we had a opportunity to make a tie dye picnic blanket and a floral bracelet.  Rit Dye was the sponsor of the tie dye project and the beautiful flowers for the bracelets were provided by The Bouqs.  Both of these fun activities reminded me of the 60’s, the era of tie dyed clothing and flower power!

Tie dye fun

tie dye fun

floral bracelets, slushes and tie dye

The weather had truly cooperated as it was perfect for this afternoon garden craft party and the ability to make your own slushes with a cup from ZokuHQ was an added bonus.

fun in the sun


  perfect theme for a perfect day

Perfect theme for a perfect day!

flowers and fun


thanks bing

Thank you Bing and thank you Kim for hosting this fun event, I look forward to attending others.

To learn more about Kim and to read her awesome blog head over to Design + Life + Kids


Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!






OOTD 12 21 009 OOTD 12 21 010


Casual Friday attire  – black jeans (closet staple) // Tie Dye top – Rugged Wearhouse // Mootsies Tootsies Loafers  – GW Boutique (Goodwill)

OOTD 12 21 007

OOTD 12 21 011 OOTD 12 21 018


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Dresses For Less

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the end of the season sales and clearance racks.  Sleeveless dresses can easily transition into the fall by simply adding a jacket or blazer.  Throw on an over sized knit sweater, change from open toe sandals to tights and boots and  the dress can be worn well into the winter months.  Here are a few dresses that I found at Ross for $12.99, and Burlington Coat Factory for $16.99, some of which will definitely be worn during the cooler months.


Ross Dress For Less

‘Burlington Coat Factory

Skirt – $14.99 regular price

Loved but didn’t purchase this tie dye print skirt



OOTD – BoHo Blue

Yea, today is my “FRI-YAY” because tomorrow I am off from work for my monthly staycation day.  Tayair and I will hit up the DMV early to renew his license and then have his car inspected.  I would love to go to the movies but  with schools being closed the last thing I want to do is stand in a long line for  MIB3, even though I want to see it – I love me some “Big Willy from Philly”!

I spent my lunch hour at Charmingly Linda’s Consignment Shop for her Memorial Days Blowout Sale and got some great buys that I will post later.  While there I assisted  a customer in selecting a dress and accessories for a wedding, it was a blast acting as a “fashion consultant”, it just might be my retirement career!

The official start of summer and yet it was another rainy overcast day, but we are blessed to have lived to see another one so the complaining stops here.  Have a fan-tab-u-lous day!

Top – Goodwill// Tie Dye Skirt – Marshalls// Wedge Shoes – Rugged Warehouse// Necklace & Earring Set – Ring – Flea Market Vendor