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Thankful Thursday ~ Blessed Birthday

Hello friends, this time last week I was thinking about my birthday and getting sad, sad not because I was turning 53, but sad that Malik wouldn’t be home to celebrate with me.   

At 2:19p.m., Friday afternoon I sent him the following text message, “Big Plans for the Weekend?”, but he never responded.  I was up late working on my blog when I heard the roar of a loud engine similar to his car, but his is parked outside. 

At 11:04 p.m. I sent him this text, “Someone has a loud engine like yours…thought it was you coming home.  Have a wonderful weekend, love and miss ya!” 

I continued working on my blog and then at 12:43 am, Malik called to wish me a Happy Birthday and asked if our neighbor, Mr. Reggie had delivered my gift.  When I told him, no, he asked me to check the front door…yes, I am crying again as I write…I opened the front door and there stood my baby…the best birthday present I’ve ever received!  I was so happy and surprised that we stayed up talking until 3:30 am, then he and his father continued the conversation until after 4:00 am.

malik is home  

I was so thankful to have him home even if was just for a little while because you know he had to go visit a few of his buddies.  Later on we all went out as a family for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory at the Christiana Mall.  It was the first time for all of us and the meal was delicious.  Malik and I shared the Asian Lettuce Wrap, then I had a Skinny Mojito, Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp and took home a slice of Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake – “go hard or go home!” 

Birthday Weekend with Malik Birthday Weekend with Tayair Birthday Weekend My Men Birthday Weekend with Tayair and Malik

Malik and his dad

It was nice being with all my men on my special day and that was all the gift I needed which was good because that’s the only gift I got…keep reading you’ll find out why. 

Tayair and I at The Cheesecake Factory

Have you ever had an awesome birthday surprise?  

Hubby and I got up early Sunday morning to drive him back down to Bowie State University which was once again hard to say “goodbye”, and I didn’t want to let him go, but I was thankful for his thoughtfulness in coming home for the weekend.

Malik don't leave

Bye Bye Birdie...Again Malik and his Adidas

Malik is returning to his 2nd home

Today I am thankful for seeing another year, for my sons, my husband and his diligence in checking his account because someone had compromised his bank card which is why he couldn’t get me a gift.  I am thankful they didn’t charge too much before he realized what was going on, please check your Debit/Bank cards regularly! 

Birthday Weekend The Blake Family

Now it’s your turn, what are you thankful for this week?  Check out what other’s have to say over at TheSitsGirls Challenge.


Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



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