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Tips For Reducing Food Waste

Today’s post was written by my guest blogger, Ella Andrews

No matter what kind of monthly rubbish clearance routine you have and regardless of the junk removal you do every week, if you’re not taking care of food waste properly, you are doing a disservice to this planet.

Food waste is a huge issue with millions of tons of food being thrown out every year in homes across the globe. With a few smart tricks and savvy tips, you can utilize leftovers, dispose of food scraps efficiently, recycle and reuse what you already have. Save money, eat better and be eco-friendly by reducing food wastage.


Here are some tips that might help you handle your waste recycling better. Waste disposal is not the answer to everything, sometimes you do need to make an effort and use any method to help the planet.

1. Do your food shopping after meals.

If you shop on a full stomach, chances are you’ll buy less and buy only those items that you need. This is also effective in preventing impulse buying sprees. The fact is, everything seems much more tempting when you have an empty stomach. So you stock up on foods that are either unhealthy or unnecessary as you probably won’t consume them for ages and they’ll gather dust in your pantry.

2. Go for bulk buying.

Bulk buying comes in handy in many ways. You get a steep discount and you save money. Plus you end up with less packaging for your waste disposal system; reducing your carbon footprint too. Just remember to check expiry dates and buy only what you need. fresh fruit from market

3. Recycling food at home by reusing leftovers

Don’t throw away leftovers – there are many delicious recipes that you could whip up in minutes with leftovers from previous meals. You could make smoothies with leftover fruits, sandwiches with fillings and so many other items. Search online for cool ideas.

4. Share your food with everyone.

If you’ve too many apples at home, make smoothies and invite your friends and family over. Or if you like to bake, make apple cobblers or pies and pass them to neighbors and colleagues at work. Everyone will adore you for the scrumptious food and you get rid of the food without wasting it – win-win!

Incorporate these waste recycling tips and see how better your waste clearance will be without all the actual wasting. You merely need to put in a small effort and instead of treating food leftovers like junk collections waiting to be disposed, think of them as something you can still use, even if simply for composting. There is always something you can do – simply think a bit and see what that something is.

Reduce Your Food Wastage with These Handy Tips

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