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Oct 19

Totally Thrifted Outfit from Goodwill

If you recall in a previous post in which I talked about de-cluttering my closets then you would have realized that I have more than one, as a matter of fact, I have racks of clothes in both the guest bedroom as well as in the basement. I started de-cluttering the basement racks first and …

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Aug 10

Would You Wear Walmart to the White House?

A few weeks ago hubby and I went to Wally World –aka- Walmart to pick up a few groceries but of course, we each stopped in the clothing section first and yes, we both put something in the cart other than milk, bread, and eggs.  Hubby found a few shirts for Tayair to wear to work and I found a few skirts …

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Jul 20

WIWW – OOTD Maxi Dress

Staying Cool in a Maxi Dress – WIWW & Top of the World Link Up Party   The heat is on and I need to stay cool so my go to style for these hot and humid days are maxi dresses with this one being one my favorites.  I like that the upper portion is …

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Jun 24

Paris in Pink and a very busy week!

Wow, this week just flew by and yesterday was our son’s 24th birthday.  All I could think about was the day that he was actually born which was 3 month’s prematurely, and just how far he had come in those 24 years. I am so proud to be his mother! He also started his first …

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Apr 06

You Choose the Shoes Episode 2

Hello friends, I trust you have been enjoying these beautifully longer days and the nice warmer evenings.  I am so glad to be able to put away the tights and boots in exchange for the bare legs and sandals, so this week’s outfit was perfect for these two contenders.   (Note at the time of …

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Sep 15

You Pick the Purse 3

Hello friends and welcome to “You Pick the Purse 3” and in honor of this episode, I am featuring 3 different purses.  However, before we begin, let’s talk about the dress.  What’s not to love about a maxi dress in the summer?  It is definitely comfortable enough to wear towards the end of the summer …

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Sep 09

Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill

  Fall Shoes are in Season @ Goodwill Slowly but surely I am pairing down my shoe collection as I didn’t wear as many of the summer sandals that I had in previous seasons. I wore far less than a dozen that I really liked including ballerina flats so I boxed up several pairs and …

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Aug 21

Afraid to wear white!

Afraid to wear white! Some of you know from previous posts that I am afraid to wear all white..why…because it brings out the kid in me.  You know that kid who inevitably and by the end of day has spilled something on themselves while wearing an all white outfit. Plus it reminds me of when …

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Jul 28

2 Tone Tuesday and the Weekend WrapUp

2 Tone Tuesday and the Weekend WrapUp Hello friends, I hope all is well is your world. Today’s OOTD is entitled “2 Tone Tuesday” and it’s obvious as to why. However, not only are my shoes 2-tone but check out the necklace, albeit it’s not exactly a 2-tone necklace, there are two different necklaces. This …

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Apr 28

Sleeveless in the Spring

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world!  As I sit here writing this post I am listening to The Friends of Distinction sing “Lonesome Mood” and it has really gotten me in some sorta mood – I love classic R&B, check it out and let me know how it makes you feel. …

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