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The Drawer of Death

We all have one…yours may be in the shape of a box, a bag, an envelope or even a basket, but we all have a

Drawer of Death

Death Drawer Avi

Sunrise to Sunset

                           Gone too soon

Date of Birth

Date of Death

                           Suffered too long


In memory of

Who they leave behind

Pictures and Poems

                           Never said “goodbye”

Death Drawer 010

Family and friends

We all have a drawer

                          Death drawer

RIP Renee’

                         Added to the drawer

Rest in Peace Renee

I’ll always love and miss you!

                         Added to the death drawer

Death Drawer 011

Where is your Drawer of Death?

How to Save Money and Have Fun Traveling

How to Save Money and Have Fun Traveling

It can sometimes seem impossible to take a vacation and stay within a budget at the same time. While this can be difficult, there are many ways to go about doing it. Some of these methods are common sense, while others are often overlooked by the general public.

If you like many others have your heart set on taking a vacation, but you do not have a lot of money to do it, you should take a look at the tips listed below to see if any of them apply to you and your situation.  For example, you can save money on hotels in Amsterdam by doing some searches online for discounts. Here is how to save money and have fun traveling.


1. The time you book a vacation matters

This may surprise most people. If you decide to book your vacation on one of the many travel websites that are online, the time and day of the week that you choose to make your booking will often come into play. While this is not the case for all travel websites, this can drastically impact the price on some of them.

Therefore, you should test out different websites by attempting to make a booking at different times of the week. See if the price varies by a large amount. You will be able to save money by doing this.

2. Have some flexibility when making your travel schedule

In the travel business, the price you pay for a plane ticket will usually depend on the day you plan on departing. If you depart on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, this will be more expensive than the rest of the week. This also applies to when you are returning home.

Therefore, you should take special care to arrange your travel schedule so that all of your flights are on days that have lower prices. If you schedule your flights far enough in advance, this should not be a problem for you.

plane travel

3. Frequent flyer miles

If you fly, you will accumulate frequent flyer miles. However, in order to do this, you will need to be signed up to a frequent flyer program with a specific airline. After you have been flying for a while, you will be able to redeem your frequent flyer miles for discounts on future tickets. All of the airlines have different rules regarding their frequent flyer programs. You should check with each airline to see which one has the most favorable conditions.

4. Unlimited travel passes

There are rail, train and subway companies which offer unlimited travel passes over periods of two and three days. If you have a lot of traveling to do in a very limited amount of time, the price of one of these unlimited travel passes could be worth it. You should take some time and add up the price of buying separate tickets for each part of your journey. Then you will need to compare this price to the cost of the unlimited travel passes for you and all of the people you are traveling with.

Costa Rica

5. Travel to places with favorable exchange rates

If money is a concern for you, the exchange rate of the country you are visiting should factor into your decision about where to go. You can save a lot by going to a country where you get more for your money.  

Have you started planning a getaway summer vacation or will it be a staycation this year?

Disclosure: I received compensation to post this article which was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the most comprehensive travel search website allowing you to find the best deals on anything from flights and hotels to train rides and Homeaway rentals.

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You Choose the Shoes ~ Season 2 ~ Week 9

You Choose the Shoes ~ Season 2 ~ Week 9

Hello friends and welcome to the last #YCTS in May, where in the heck did the month go? Time is flying but I did get a change to go through the shoes in my bedroom closet. Maybe next weekend I’ll get to the ones in the guest bedroom.

I donated several pairs of winter shoes and boots that I hadn’t even looked at in years and am pretty sure I will do the same with the spring/summer styles.

This week it’s Black Patent Leather Sandals versus Red Studded sandals.

YCTS Week 9 Avi

Yesterday’s post was about wearing sleeveless after 50 and so you can see that I don’t have a problem doing so.

You Choose the Shoes 9

I can’t remember where I purchased this top but the skirt is Boscov’s and the clutch is Rainbow Shops.

You Choose the Shoes 9

The black patent leather sandals are one of my favorites by Jessica Simpson.

You Choose the Shoes 9

The red sandals I think were purchased at Rugged Wearhouse. I added another pop of red with the bracelet from Old Navy.  Check out the big butterfly ring from

You Choose the Shoes 9

Okay, so which pair of shoes would you have chosen for this outfit?

You Choose the Shoes 9 You Choose the Shoes 9

I will be skipping the next two Thursdays as I prepare for and then be on vacation!

You Choose the Shoes 9

There weren’t many votes from last week and it was almost a tie, but the winners were the pumps.

WINNER WEEK 8 Download DDD Google Play app

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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Sleeveless after Fifty? Heck Yeah it’s Hot!

I can’t believe this topic is still under discussion, but it’s that time of year so here we go again…

Should a woman wear sleeveless clothing after the age of 50?  

Heck yeah it’s Hot!

Sleeveless in the summer 042

I am over the age of 50, as a matter of fact I will be 54 in September, am still menopausal and sweat like a pig most mornings just getting dressed…actually pigs don’t have sweat glands, but that’s besides the point.

I have and will continue to be sleeveless in the summer no matter my age because I want to and it’s comfortable. Hey, if you have flabby arms so what, I think Wendy Williams called them “bingo wings”, be proud of them or do something about them…lift weights using canned peaches or hit the bag like First Lady Michelle Obama.

Sleeveless in the summer 045

No matter your age or size, be comfortable with who you are because in the end, it’s not about what you looked like on the outside, it’s how you felt on the inside…stay cool and do you boo boo!  

Sleeveless in the summer 049

Dress and Sunnies – Goodwill Bracelet – Old Navy Sandals – Rainbow Shop – Purse – Avon

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are.

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The Perfect Gifts for a Quilter

The Perfect Gifts for a Quilter {Guest Post}

Author: Alyssa Craig


If you are lucky, there is someone in your life who loves to quilt and is always working on their latest quilting project. If you are even luckier, than you have been a recipient of the result of their hours of hard work. Now it is time to shower this loved one with presents. Whether it be their birthday, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Christmas, or simply a way to show you care, there are many gifts you can give your favorite quilter. Here are some ideas to get you started, no matter what your budget allows.



For a quick gift, an early jump start on your stocking stuffers, or a smaller gift to accompany another one, here are some suggestions that will be easier on your wallet:

Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion – These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, beyond the classic tomato, that you can choose to fit your quilter’s personality.


Sewing Needle Case – These cases also come with many designs and fun quotes on them.


Wrist Pin Cushion – For easy convenience during projects when they need to stay close to the fabric.


Seam Ripper Necklace – Created from an actual seam ripper, these necklaces will be endearing to your quilter. You might even consider getting one made out of a seam ripper of theirs (just make sure it is not their favorite!).


Necklace or bracelet charm – Help start a new tradition of accumulating small charms for a necklace or charm bracelet.


Fun Signs – There are many adorable signs for their sewing room such as “She who dies with the most fabric wins” and “ Any day spent sewing is a good day”.



If you have a little more available to spend on this quilter, you may consider some of these fun gifts to add to their already growing quilting collection.


Small Ironing Board – A small ironing board with short legs and minimal length will fit well next to their sewing machine, making the process more convenient.


Sewing Phone Case – So they can show off their passion for sewing and quilting everywhere they go.


Portable Cutting and Pressing Station – For those who may frequently help others with their quilting projects.


Rotating Cutting Mat – A must have for getting those different shapes cut just right.


Quilted Tote Bag – For an extra personal touch, this is a great gift you can even make yourself!

Two Quilts On A Wood Rack

Quilt Display Board – Not all quilts are made to be used, especially those made out of materials that have special significance. A display board for these special quilts is a great way to show your quilter you value their hard work.



Should you be lucky enough to have an unlimited amount of funds to shower your quilter with all the gifts their heart could desire, take a look at these suggestions.


Perfect Stitch Machine – This add-on machine is designed to help give their next quilt a professional grade stitch. It is compatible with many popular sewing machine brands and is comfortable for your quilter. You can also set up preferences to be saved for different users.


Fabric – One of the recurring costs of quilting is of course the fabric. Your friend or loved one would love a new selection of fabric for their next quilt. You can even take them with you and have them select their own material.

Group Of Women Making Quilt Together

Quilting Class – You may also consider buying them a class or set of classes to learn new techniques or improve on the skills they already have. There are websites that provide online lessons or you might check with your local quilting store or community center.


LED Sewing Machine Light Kit – All of that sewing can be hard on your quilter’s eyes, so get them a light kit to help them better see the work they are doing.


Divided Basket – Either create or purchase a large basket with dividers and pockets on the outside, for your quilter to store all of their supplies in one handy location.


Regardless of the occasion or the flexibility of your budget, there are many options to show your favorite quilter that you care. They will love these personalized gifts most because they show you care about something that is important to them.

Guest Post Disclaimer

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When it’s Time to Travel ~ Don’t Be Overweight at the Gate


Don’t be overweight at the gate!

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  Have you made summer vacation plans?  Will you be flying to your vacation destination?  Now that almost all majors airlines are charging a fee for checked baggage, you have to be extra careful with just how much you do pack. 

Checking a bag will cost you as little as $25.00 but if it’s overweight it can increase in costs for as much $50 or more which can really bite into your budget. 

Eat Smart Luggage Scale

Thanks to Eat Smart, I had an opportunity to try out the Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale to ensure that our bags are not overweight at the gate next month. The Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale has a secure buckle and strap that adjusts to fit all sized luggage handles.  It’s easy to set and use and the measurements are made in lbs or you can change to kgs.  A CR2032-3 volt battery is included and the display is easy to read and the scale is easy to use:

Luggage Scale Review 006


Secure clip buckle around luggage handle

Grab the scale with two hands to lift the luggage

Wait for the beep

Read the display

Check to order your own Eat Smart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale today so when it’s time to travel you won’t be overweight at the gate.

Luggage Scale Review 002

 I hope your day is as beautiful as you are.

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Books to Read on Summer Vacation



I am sure that by now you realize that I am getting over-the-top excited about our family vacation next month to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic… hey can you blame me, it has been almost 7 years!  

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Anywho, I have plans on doing absolutely nothing but eating, drinking, relaxing, reading and watching the sun rise and set.  But of course as a blogger I will be taking lots of pictures and drafting posts in between the naps on the beach and drinks on the balcony.  

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube so you can enjoy some of the views. and beach vacation

Reading eBooks on the Beach I have tons of magazines at home some dating back to 2014, but I plan on taking my HP Tablet Stream to read eBooks either on the beach or poolside.  I am not sure what to download so if you have a few suggestions, please leave me a comment and no…please don’t suggest “50 Shades of Grey”.  

I recently discovered Open Culture, a website with the best FREE cultural & educational media on the web. It features free courses, movies, audio books, eBooks & thought-provoking daily posts, so check it out and let me know if you find something good.

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

Disclosure:  Amazon Affiliate attached, if you make a purchase I get a few cents.


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May Offers and Deals

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MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival – Gospel Brunch

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  On Sunday, hubby and I had an opportunity to attend the Gospel Brunch at the World Café Live at the Queen. It was one of the premier food and wine events held this year by the MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival

The MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival (#MAWFF) presented by Bank of America celebrates excellence in food, wine, spirits and beer.  Sunday was the last day of the 4-day festival which included 35 events at 40+ venues in 4 states, with over 60 chefs, and 23 wineries from 6 continents. 

#mawff Gospel Brunch

If you read my previous post from the #MAWFF kick off event at The Atrium then you know that this was an awesome way to spend a beautiful Sunday in Delaware.  The walk around Gospel Brunch had several stations of savory and tasty treats as well as a wonderful array of wines, spirits and beers from around the world, my favorite was the Brooklyn Summer brew.

MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 059

This jam packed event was made even more lively with The Combined Choir of Calvary Baptist Church.  They turned up the heat with soulful Gospel music that had the audience enthusiastically clapping and singing along.  Check out my YouTube channel to see one of their soul stirring selections.

MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 037

No matter how many times I tried to wait in line for a Mimosa I was just never patient enough to get one.  I was however, able to taste foods from Big Fish Grill, Classic Cake, Domaine Hudson, Stone Balloon Ale House, Penn Bistro and a “Painkiller” shot from

MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 045

MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 011 MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 015 MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 041 MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 050 MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 051

Special thank you and belated birthday wishes to Ajit Mathew George, Festival Founder

mawff 3

mawff 2

Hubby and I are definitely looking forward to the next MidAtlantic Wine & Food Festival.

MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 058 MidAtlantic Wine and Food Festival 061

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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You Choose the Shoes ~ Season 2 ~ Week 8

Hello friends and welcome to week 8 of “You Choose the Shoes”


Last week I actually did try to rearrange my closet, pulling out the winter wear in exchange for the Spring and Summer shoes, but I didn’t get too far.  Hopefully, on Monday, Memorial Day I will get it all done.  


Before we begin, I would like to ask for your prayers as we say goodbye and prepare to bury yet another cousin on Saturday who lost her battle with breast cancer #ihatecancer   

Our cousin Renee’ was a beautiful, kind, loving and spiritual woman and I know she is looking over us all.  I am going to dedicate a separate post to her once all is said in done, because I want to honor her husband and children as well.

pinkribbon renee

This week’s contenders are Patent Leather wedges – versus- Patent Leather pumps

YCTS Week 8 avi

I remember wearing, and as a matter of fact I still have a pair of my patent leather Easter shoes from childhood.  They were the squeakiest shoes ever made but when you shined them with Vaseline…watch out world…you were as sharp as a tack!


This is one of my favorite dresses, I purchased it for Tayair’s High School graduation in 2010.  The purse is a recent purchase from Walmart #WearWalmart  Speaking of Walmart, did you see my spread on their website…I’m in my “big girl panties” – click the picture in the sidebar to be taken to the advertisement and video.  I am still in amazement of it all!

YCTS Week 8

YCTS Week 8

Okay, back to the shoes, the patent leather wedges were thrifted from Goodwill and the pumps are Mossimo via Target.  As you can see, hubby was at it again…

hubby takes my pics

The bracelet was purchased from a Clair’s in the mall and the necklace was a gift from hubby.

YCTS Week 8

YCTS Week 8 035

So which pair works better with this outfit?

YCTS Week 8 YCTS Week 8
Thank you all for voting last week…and the winners were….the granny booties!



Don’t forget to check out my new blog – Blogging with Blake and Youtube channel…oh and I also have an app, so download it from Google Play for some great coupons, rewards and savings!  

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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