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Nov 23

Crock Pot Turkey and Potato Chowder – Thanksgiving Leftovers

Tomorrow is the biggest and best holiday of the year, well, at least the biggest eating holiday of the year.  A few weeks ago Malik and I were shopping at Walmart and it was packed with people getting their Thanksgiving fixins’. Their carts were filled with all the ingredients to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal …

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Mar 14

Creamy Mozzarella Chicken | Ragu Cheese Creations

Hello Friends and Happy Fri-Yay! I don’t know about you but I am still dragging from last week’s change to Daylight Saving Time, I need a nap!  This week’s feature is another non-Crock Pot dish, but that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned them, as a matter of fact one of them is home cooking dinner right …

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Sep 06

Friday Foodie Feature – Betty Crocker Chicken Helper

Hello Friends and Happy Fri-Yay! You’ve heard me say this before, “we eat so much chicken that I’m afraid one day we’ll wake up with feathers!”  No seriously, I cook chicken or turkey at least 3 times a week and it’s not that we tire of it, it’s just I have to find new ways …

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Jun 19

Taco Turkey or Chicken Loaf

“Use what you got to make what you want“ was the inspiration for this mid-week meal. I usually buy Ground Turkey but this week purchased Perdue Ground Chicken, and using ingredients that I already had on hand I jazzed up an ordinary loaf. Ingredients Ground Turkey/Chicken Taco Seasoning Salsa Egg Bread Crumbs Sweet Peppers Onion …

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Jun 13

4 Ingredient 40 Minute Meal

Hello Friends, I hope you had a good day.   I didn’t make it into work this morning because of a quick moving, yet severe rainstorm that caused me to turn around and head home.  Fortunately the weather improved and it turned into a wonderful sunny afternoon. I’m still on the Nutrisystem program and eating …

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May 21

Rotisserie Chicken Day 2

In our house a store bought Rotisserie Chicken is always a two day meal.  The leftover chicken is usually cut up, covered with a cream soup and mushrooms then served over rice.  Today a co-worker gave me a recipe that added a twist and it was an easy, breezy dinner that the family enjoyed. Ingredients: …

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