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No Sag Search |

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You think that at my age I would have been able to find the perfect bra, after all I’ve been wearing one for over 40 years. I remember my first lacy training bra, it itched to no end, but I was happy because I was wearing a bra. After training the tata’s I moved on to the real deal, a big girl’s bra, with hooks and no itchy lace. Despite that I’ve never been able to find one that fits in all areas…the front, the back, and the sides. I want one that doesn’t pinch or poke, one that has straps that won’t slide down my arm, oh, and it has to look sexy and be easy to wash.

Am I asking for too much?

Just the other day, I looked in the mirror and could have sworn that I was looking at my grandmother! The bra I had on didn’t have any support, the fabric was frayed and I was sagging – remind you of anyone?

Maxine bra shopping

You know thrifty me, I’ve gone the cheap route when purchasing bras, but I’ve also gone the expensive route getting fitted and everything but after awhile they don’t fit right. I am now on a mission to find the perfect bra before my 53rd birthday, and I’m starting online at

I checked out the website and have chosen the Silkee Short Minimizer because it’s advertised as having a smooth design, so there will be no unsightly lines, makes you look slimmer – a definite plus AND straps that will never fall down – ding…ding…ding, ladies

Silkee Short Minimizer I think we have a winner!

What about you, do you have the perfect fitting bra?



Leonisa Shapewear for Men

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When you hear the word Shapewear, do you automatically think of undergarments made specifically for women? In actuality there are probably just as many men as women who wear Shapewear although I doubt many will confess to doing so. Shapewear does more than just take inches off your hips and waist, making you look better in your clothes. It can also enhance your posture and aid in relief with back pain. If you’ve ever had back problems then you know that it can be a life long concern, one that causes you to pay closer attention to your movements and sometimes even to your choices in clothing. Eight years ago, my husband had a total disc replacement in his lower back and to this day he still has to be careful in how he moves and turns, as well as what he wears. Belts are too constrictive so they are no longer part of his wardrobe, suspenders have taken their place.

Leonisa, is a company that sells Intimate Apparel and Lingerie for women as well as Toning and Shapewear for men. After viewing their online catalog I decided to show it to my husband and asked if he would be interested in doing a review. leonisa He agreed and chose the Leo High Waist Control Boxer Brief and wore it for the day. As an athlete, he’s used to wearing supportive undergarments and thought it might be too tight around his back and midsection. It turned out to be the complete opposite, it was non-constrictive and the breathable mesh made it comfortable for an all day wear. The size he chose was large which for him is 36-38, and it fit perfectly, washed well and air dried quickly.

Dance Recital 219 Dance Recital 221

If you are looking for a comfortable undergarment for the man in your life, check out Leonisa and make sure to sign up for their specials and discounts. I’m glad my husband participated in this review, now I know what to include on my holiday gift list. If you also have a man in your life that would like a Leo High Waist Control Boxer Brief, Leonisa is offering to give away one free to a lucky reader of my blog.  Please like our Facebook page to enter and the winner will be chosen on 10.31.13.
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